Sunday, August 26, 2007

2007 HBF Perth City to Surf

Last Thursday, Danny and I went to Perth Convention Exhibition Centre to collect our 2007 HBF Perth City to Surf racepack. We had signed up for the 12km walk category.

More than 15 counters...

This is our final year in uni (HOPEFULLY) and we thought this is the best chance to do something outside uni.

My race tag.


The race pack contains one race tag and one transponder. The transponder is for timing purpose during the race. No more using stop watch!

After getting the race pack, I fell quite sick the next day. Flu and sorethroat to be exact. I slept and had all sort of medicine to get well in the shortest time.

Last night, I was feeling better and decided to go for the run. However, the weather was quite bad with strong wind and rain.

Sunday morning, I was welcome by the strong wind and rain again. I was thinking twice before I decided to give it a go.

Starting line.

The race was scheduled to start at 8:15a.m. at St. Georges Terrace. When Danny and I reached there about 7:30a.m., the street was already packed like sardine.

Count how many people are there.

Most of the people were wearing disposable raincoat. Some were so creative that they use bin bag to create their own.

Participant 25522, wearing a jacket with two t-shirts inside.

Our race then started shortly. It was so difficult to walk/run with thousands of people. Since Danny and I aimed for below 2 hours, we ran here and there, trying to overtake some of the people in front.

I was quite slow today compared to the other day when I trained. My sickness as well as the bad weather were the factors which slowed my pace down.

I won't give up!

I asked Danny to go without me. I ran and walked and ran and walked. That's what I did for the entire race. At some point, I felt like giving up but after giving a second thought, I pushed myself forward.

While walking/running, people at the side of the road were cheering for us. Some of the participants even encouraged each other by giving high five. Now, tell me, how could I stop half way?

After running and panting along the race, I finally reached the finishing line at City Beach Oval. People were shouting "well done" and I am glad I had gone this far.

Kok with his commemorative medallion.

Danny with his commemorative medallion.

I met Danny in the oval later. I didn't expect to meet him since there were lots of people there. He finished the race about 10 minutes earlier than me. That's mean I was not that slow eh? Hehe.

It was still quite windy at that time. I suggested to take the bus provided back to the city straight after that. Danny agreed since we were still sick. Yes, Danny is sick too!

A commemorative medallion to be proud of.

Anyway, I am quite proud of myself. I challenged myself to participate in this marathon although I'm not a long distance runner. My Baba is better than me in this but he hasn't even participate in any marathon before. I think I can show off to him this time. :P

Although it's merely a 12km run, it's a great achievement for me after considering the worst case in a marathon; sick, bad weather and least training. Well done to all who participated in this charity marathon! :)

P/s: It's quite amazing that I felt much more better after the run.
P/s/s: I'll start to bloghop soon after I am fully recovered. :)


ilene said...

KOK, what can I say? You're a very determined person. Yes, at the end of it all, PERSERVERANCE won the race! Good for you Kok. Congrats. A good finish to your final year! Now, please do take the much deserve rest and recover fast. Tell that to Danny too. Take care you two.

Vern said...

Hello Kok, thanks for dropping by earlier. :) Congrats on your achievement in the race -- if only I can have the stamina and determination!!!~!

Judy said...

Kok, well done!! *Clap, clap* Now, go to bed...sleep well and get well properly! :)

Anyway, you did well and we are all proud of you.

l y n n w e i said...

wah..i have not seen danny's pic since we graduate! ehehe

wow...u're very bersemangat! that's the spirit! cannot give up! ehehhe

wonda said...

Headlines Splash - Two sick men made it in the marathon! Well done! Congrats!

Dancing Queen said...

Well done, Kok! Mati-mati also must finish ah? Or should I say, sakit-sakit also must finish! That's the spirit! :D

Now you better take special care to nurse back your health! Somewhat like any mother who's just delivered! Gotta pou sun! Haha! :D

Sue Sue said...

Wow good job man you finished the race. Take then and have a good rest.

jane said...

halo! Yeah, well done! Get well soon! :)

Shionge said...

Hey so just gave me the inspiration for some lucky number ekkekek....

You did well I've never attempt a marathon at all...too frighten scare no stamina kekek.

eastcoastlife said...

si kin na! *piak piak with my slippers*

You think I pang pui! Didn't listen to me! *piak Kok's head*
Hello!! *kok kok kok*

You notti boy! Tell you not to do it, you still go ahead and chiong some more.

Alamak, old already. A few piaks only, use up my energy.

Ok, now you go to bed and stay there until you get better. No praise for finishing the race.

*rolling up sleeves*
Now, Danny got blog anot?

wmw said...

Congrats on your achievement! Clap! Clap! Clap! :o)

cc said...

Bravo my friend! :)

Kok said...

ilene: Thanks a lot! Yea, now I should rest more and recover fast. I have too many things to catch up especially my school works. Hope I can graduate this year. hehe.

vern: Hey! Thanks a lot for stopping by. :) Actually you don't need the stamina to do this. You can walk all the way through cause no one cares. This is just a charity marathon. Kok can do it, so can you! ;)

Aunty Judy: Thanks! I'll try to rest more and get back to school work.

lynnwei: Aiks? I did post quite a lot of his pics leh. I think you missed out most of them. :P

Yaya, anything we do, don't give up!

Aunty Alice: How I wish that appears in the headline for today's news. Too bad it doesn't happen. hehe.

Thanks a lot!:)

dancing queen: Aiyo, once determined, should always try to achieve the target mah. kekeke.

Yaloh, any sharkfin or birdnest to send over? I need those now. haha!

sue: I really need more rest after this. But have to catch up with school works.

jane: Thanks! I will. :)

shionge: 5 digit wor. Can meh? kekeke.

You can give it a try but not 21km lah. I just heard that there's this young man died because of 21km marathon.

eastcoastlife: Alamak! Kena piak like crazy here. hehe. Eastcoastlife, sorry ah, this time I didn't follow your advice. I just feel that I'll try to do it since this is my final year in uni liao. Who knows I won't have the chance to do it next time? I mean, I want some memories left in Perth here. hehe.

I'll take a rest don't worry. I've recovered 7788 liao. Should be ok in a day or two.

Danny doesn't have a blog. hehe.

wmw & cc: Thank you!:)

Jackson said...

u did it baby!!!!

Xiu Long Bao said...

Why all the guai lows wear short sleeve t shirts while u n ur buddies wear winter clothes...haha!

remember to rest more kok, take care :)

Muminmiri said...

No need to worry about bloghop la. We know you have us close at heart all the time even when not blog hopping... hee hee hee :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

good stuff..i think personally 12km in 2 hrs is quite a good achievement!

Bengbeng said...

congrats on completing the race...hey! i didnt know u r Judy's nephew. if in real life i suppose i would shake yr hand yr more meaning ;)
she wrote this :Kok, well done!! *Clap, clap* Now, go to bed...sleep well and get well properly! :)
so 'auntish'

Uncle Bengbeng writes :

Kok, clap clap clap. Now go get a massage n celebrate n drink till dawn hahahah.

So non 'uncleish' - lucky u r related to her and not me hahahahaha

lynnx01 said...

Whoa! That's a really nice medal. Congrats for finishing the 12km. Wonderful. I am sure you had fun. I participated in a 10km walkathon and had fun talking while walking with a friend for 2 hours. Hope you get better soon.

Kok said...

jackson: Yes! haha! Hope to do it again if I've chance. :P

xiu long bao: Aiyo, we sick mah. If I'm not sick ah, you see me running naked ah! haha! Just joking ah. :P

I will, don't worry. Thanks for your concern. :)

mum in miri: Really no need me bloghop liao? Then I can retire or not ah?:P

joe: For me it's quite an achievement lah. But for some other people, 2 hours for 12km? A bit too long. hehe!

uncle beng beng: I'm not Aunty Judy's nephew lah although she claimed to e-adopt me before. haha!

Go get a massage? By who? Drink? Who paid? kekeke!

Thanks a lot!:)

lynnx: Thanks thanks! So did you get yourself a medal as well from the walkathon? It's quite a fun experience right?:)

Thanks. I much more better now actually. :)

wonda said...

You call Judy and me Aunty and ou call Bengbeng Uncle. So we are are "bloggerly" related! Soon people will think you have so relatives commenting on your post.

eastcoastlife said...

See... so many days still not fully recovered!

Maybe due to the beatings. kekekeke....

Man United said...

wah steady le bro... Interested in Penang Bridge Marathon 42 km? ...

G @ said...

wow well done Kok, excellent! U've done us Aunties proud!

Chen said...

Congrats on your achievement. Time to get some rest and drink more water. No more running around for the next few days ;) Hope u get well soon :)

Kok said...

Aunty Alice: Bloggerly related? haha! How cool can that be eh? :P Now I must recruit more Aunties and Uncles. kekeke

eastcoastlife: I must say...I'm fully recovered liao! I think. hehehe.

seng: 42km marathon? Wahlao! Cannot lah. That one need training. If not, can die ah! haha!

mommibee: Thanks thanks! Eh, you also wanna be bloggerly related to me? You can become my che che instead lah. :P

chen: Thanks a lot! Actually I'm recovered liao. But still I'm drinking lots of water. Scare fall sick again. hehe. Thanks for your concern. :)

Sweetpea said...

BRAVO! that was great determinations! now have to celebrate with chicken essense :)

take care. half of melbourne is sick.

Sasha said...

wei if u're running how come can snap picture wan? hehehheehe

Anyway u did well...for me sure i U turn and go home...which i did the last time i went for one.. hahahah

i took a taxi home

Kok said...

sweetpea: Thanks thanks! But I don't like chicken essence leh. Can I celebrate with Satay or Nasi Lemak? hahaha!

I will. I think it's the weird weather we have in Australia now. You too take care!:)

sasha: Hehe! All thanks to my handphone. When I jalan, I snapped photos lah. haha!

Thank you! Wah, you serious or not? You took a taxi home? hahaha! Ok, now from today, you've to start training. Then we go register for 42km Penang Bridge Marathon. I'll make sure you finish it! haha!

Jackson said...

hey! Its time to blog again.... dun let us down coz eveytime i visit yr blog, still the same old blog!! *jia you*

Bengbeng said...

Yes, auntie judy confessed this to me on the msn today :) May i oso e-adopt you?

Kok said...

jackson: I'm sorry! I'll update tomorrow. I'm just too busy and some more, my friend asked me for help with the Merdeka Celebration here last minute. So, I'm stucked! I promise to update tomorrow. :)

Uncle Beng Beng: Wah, so many people wanna e-adopt me? Hmm... am I really that good?

WokandSpoon said...

Hey congrats!! I don't think I would have lasted 1KM!! Great job!

Kok said...

you can't do for even 1km? I think you can. hehe.

Thanks a lot!:)

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