Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Smorty? Sounds like a kind of candy to you eh? At first, I thought so, but Sasha told me it is another get paid for blogging business. It seems like I will have more pocket money soon. ;)

Smorty is a relatively new site which pays bloggers to advertise on blogs. It does not cost you anything. Just sign up, wait for your blog to be approved and start writing posts for some advertisers to earn money. Yes, it is as simple as that.

For blogger like me, this is absolutely a good news. I can now blog while earning some extra money. Those money earned can be used to try delicious food for food review, to travel around for travel log and also to add into my gadget funds. To add on, payment for each successful post takes only one week!

What are you waiting for? Check out and sign up with Smorty for blog advertising business! I am sure you will not regret after you get your first payment.

Sponsored by Smorty


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

u seem to b joining the bandwagon for ad blogging..just make sure u dont disturb ur readers..after all u keep delaying ur post but u somehow or rather have all these sponsored entries in between..

Kok said...

joe: Thanks for your advice. Actually I do not intend to do this ad blogging for long term. In fact, I just want to try it out. That's why you can see I'm writing every first post for each company.

I can write this kind of sponsored entries within 15 to 20 minutes but not my posts. All my posts takes up hours for me to complete. Take for example, the Adelaide and Melbourne posts. From sorting out photos to writing, it took me 5 or 6 hours at least. That's why sometimes I have to delay my post. Hope that explained. Thanks for your advice. :)

Michelle said...

welcome aboard! :D

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