Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Corica Apple Strudel

These days, whichever blogs I hop to, I'll see food. Being the "kiasu" (scare lose) me, I decided to write a post about pastry. I've written about this post before but it's a shared post. So, I decided to dedicate this whole post for it. Melbourne Day 2, I'm sorry I've to put you behind for a while...

Anyway, today, I'm going to introduce Perth most famous-everyone-must-try-Apple-Strudel!


Many pastry shops make apple strudel. However, I have to say, Corica makes the best apple strudel in the world Perth. Although Corica is famous for its strudels, no doubt, their cakes and pastries taste good as well.

Continental strudels, cakes and pastries.

The other day, I was telling Chris that I craved for apple strudels. Without asking me, he ordered 2 apple strudels few days after I told him that. One for his friend from Singapore and one for me. Not his treat, I paid! :P

Apple strudel in a box.

Corica apple strudel is well packed in a rigid cardbox. You don't even have to worry you might accidentally spoil the strudel during transportation. This shows how thoughtful they are in maintaining the best quality of strudels for their customers.

How long is this?

An, 35 to 40 cm long, apple strudel costs Aud$15.50. I know, it's kinda pricey for pastries but I can tell you that it's definitely worth every single cent of yours!

Salivating yet?

Corica apple strudel is made of layers of crispy pastry with generous amount of custard and apple filling in between. I think the secret recipe behind this studel is the custard and apple filling. ;)

A piece of apple strudel for me.

The pastry is crispy and topped with fine sugar. Not like other apple strudels, it tastes not too sweet which makes it heavenly delicious! One small piece of that? No... it's not enough.

So, what are you waiting for? For those who have never tried before, grab one now!

Where is Corica?

106 Aberdeen Street,
Perth, 6003 Australia.
Tel: 08-9328-8196

What's the opening hours?

8a.m. - 5:30p.m. (Mon. - Fri.)
8a.m. - 12:30p.m. (Sat.)
Closed (Sun.)

Since these apple strudels are famous and run out fast, be sure to order through phone one day before to avoid any disappointment.

P/s: If you're visiting Perth, worry no more. You can still get it board on plane. Corica does provide specially made box to make this possible! :)

Additional Info:

If you're in Perth City or Metro Area, you can reach Corica by taking a FREE Blue CATS bus (Central Area Transport Service). This is a free bus service provided by Transperth. A copy of the bus route can be downloaded HERE!

Hop on to the Blue CATS and get down at Stop 10 (Aberdeen St.), shown in the route. It's just right across the road if I'm not wrong. Happy Hunting!:)


Shionge said...

Aiyo Kok...tempting me, me gonna buy one from Strudel or Ritz now..yummy!

eastcoastlife said...

My Indonesian student who was studying in Perth bought me one. mmmm.... it was so so good!!!

Another Indonesian student studying in Melbourne would take a flight to Perth to bring back boxes of it whenever she has the craving. The extra boxes are orders from her friends. The attraction of Corica apple Strudel!! Wow!

Bengbeng said...

would love a strudel..first time seen it

Kok said...

shionge: I don't know about Strudel or Ritz leh. Maybe you can buy one and then do a review on that to tempt me back. :P

eastcoastlife: Oh, you had this before? Good right?

Wah! Got or not oh? Take a flight to Perth here just to bring back strudels? I think she's just too rich leh. :P

With your comment hor, I don't think anyone will say I'm bluffing about how good the strudel is. :)

bengbeng: Come to Perth and taste the fresh one! It's quite different between the fresh and overnight one. The pastry is not that crispy anymore

Sue Sue said...

Ah Kok ah, you make me drooling for it. Looks good and pastry looks crisy, ya.

jane said...

YAYA! I agree.. GO EVERYWHERE OSO SEE FOOD!!! *pengsan*

And this looks really, really good!!! as always.. droooools!!! :) maybe i shud visit u and lee in aus before u guys grad!

anyone wanna go with me?????????????

Dancing Queen said...

No need to write so much, kok, just send some over! Haha! :P

teckiee said...

Wahahaha my friend tapau'ed this for me once! Me so lucky!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hmmm does look very good..u hav 1 from fruity..supposedly from a pastry chef that used to work in perth..the same amount in RM only i think..

Kok said...

sue: Hehe. Come Perth. I belanja you try this apple strudel. :)

jane: Maybe we should have this food post competition eh? haha!

Now you should try hard to find a companion eh? hehe. I think there's sure someone who wanna come to Perth and Adelaide.

dancing queen: Send ah? Cannot lah. Spoil already when it reaches Miri. Wait for me to go back lah. ;)

teckiee: Tasty or not? hehe.

joe: Serious? Somemore in RM? Wow! Where's it ah? Maybe you can write a post on that too. :)

Sasha said...

luckily we also not so cham...we have it here also something like dat hahahahha

wmw said...

Hey, looks almost similar to the one I like here in Malaysia (have posted on it before!). Recipe from Perth, Australia.

Judy said...

Very expensive lo but it does look very nice.

Don't tell me you ate the whole one by yourself?

MeiyeN said...

nice one but so far away... pack me some will ya? :p

yenjai.net said...

Lau hao sui ...
Got pail?

Clare said...

I hate you, KOK! You made me drool onto my laptop keypad! It looked soooo damn delicious...courier to me! LOL! :P

Kok said...

sasha: Haiyo, this one really good leh. Come try yourself. :P

wmw: Yea, I remember. The strudel that I told you Perth also has similar one right? Hmm...Maybe I should really try the one that you recommended.

Aunty Judy: I ate the whole thing by myself. haha! But of course. need to eat it in several days. I think one week. hehe.

meiyen: I would love to pack for you. But you come to Miri and take from me? Like that nearer mah. kekeke.

yenjai: Pail don't have wor. Bath tub can?:P

Kok said...

Sorry sorry! hahaha! Courier where got nice liao? Come Perth here. I belanja!:)

Muminmiri said...

Ahem... Ahem.

I no need to say anything more lah hor?? Understood hor???

keeyit said...

wah.. yummy !

FireHorse said...

Kok wa lai liao, lu ai chiak simik? (i kam oredi, wat food u wanna eat) I bling over for u....

eastcoastlife said...

Singapore also has this Apple Strudel. The baker went to learn from the original Corica owner. The standard not too bad though.

Corica sold a franchise to a Singaporean but the shop opened for less than a year and folded. :(

FireHorse said...

I kam oredi with your chicken porriage and century egg, i see you sleeping liao, good la rest up ok, and here some leng teh for u and oso bling some siow pow for you to eat in case u get hungry later on after eat porriage. Take care. Faster get better.

Kok said...

mum in miri: Alright, I know what to do. :P

keeyit: Yea, it's yummylicious!

firehorse: Thanks a lot for your chicken porridge and century egg, as well as the leong teh and siow pao. Definitely need those food. Thanks again, I'll get well soon...HOPEFULLY!:p

eastcoastlife: Chris told me it's still not up to the standard leh.

So, now the shop has closed ah?

eastcoastlife said...

Renaldo, the first Apple Strudel shop to open in Singapore, is located in my area. The boss is a lady. She went to Perth to learn from the owner. That was like almost 10 years ago. Her business is still good. The franchise one closed within a year.

teckiee said...

tasted good... i rebaked it in the oven lagi best

kiki said...

i agreed that the strudel is god damn nice.... u out there should try if you got the apportunity.little expensive but worth it and once you try you wouldnt want to share it hehehe

Fede said...

Take a look at this: http://www.fiordimela.it

For Italian strudel (sorry we don't ship abroad...)


Stephen said...

Let me tell you that, i was in Perth for 7 years. And these apple strudel is so nice and popular... ppl visit perth sometime will bring some back... some mean... either 6 or 12 pack.... now i am back in malaysia for 4 years... and i am dying to miss tt damn thing.... go try one when u in perth.... T.T

tO bE oR nOt tO bE said...

you can get this in Singapore too!

They even have durian flavor! haha..

I cant remember the street name, its just across bugis junction, and its on a side street where the prata shop is.

shouldnt miss it.

bhebheque said...

hi,,just wanna know if there is another pastry(product) made by corica that also has great taste n can go on the plane as well,,,hehe,,,

Yuuka said...

Looks like you haven`t updated in a while but thought I would leave a comment saying thank you for the opening hours info. Very helpful!

Steven Li said...

sorry, may I ask a question?
I want to know if there is any chance to join franchise in oversea countries??
I need your help!!
God I love this apple strudel~~~~~
(p.s. I used to study in Perth, and since I came back, I couldn't forget this delicious pastry!!!!!)

Yang Choon said...

do they do delivery to hotel in Perth? If not, how to get to Corica's? Does the free CAT bus go there? Thanks....I'm dying for a piece now after all your yummy reviews...slurp...slurp...drool...drool...

Kok said...

There's an additional info added to the post for you to reach Corica! Hope that helps!:)

www.malaga-3d.com said...

Thanks so much for this post, really helpful material.

Anonymous said...

It's $19 now

Anonymous said...

I had Corica every year when a family member returns from perth. I just went to perth in early Sep 2012 and bought 6 strudels which they put in a nice carton carrier with handles. It fits 6 cartons of strudels nicely, so that you can bring it as hand-carry on your flight.
Ritz and Renaldo's cannot compare with Corica. The apples are much more crunchier! Lol. Anyways, its AUD18 for an apple strudel. Try eating the strudel with icecream. Sugar loading time!

Danny said...

I'd like to ask a bit to
@eastcostlife or whoever here. Is that has almost same taste between the branch in singapore with corica on perth? or quite different?

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