Saturday, August 25, 2007

Current Condition...

After sleeping for more than 14 hours a day, I'm now feeling more energetic than usual. My sickness is about to recover. No more sorethroat. Only a bit of flu. I think I made the right decision for not going to uni to meet up with Danny for our lab report. If not, my sickness would probably get worse.

So, now what? I've made up my decision to go for the marathon tomorrow. I know, it's probably not a good idea to run a marathon after a slight recovery in my sickness. But then, considering I won't have the chance next year (if I was to go back Miri for good), I decided to go for it. It's just a 12km WALK by the way. I might be just walking all the way towards the finishing line. :P

Anyway, I'll have to head off to bed soon. The marathon starts at 8a.m. tomorrow and I have to get up as early as 6a.m. Maybe go for a Hungry Jack's or McD's brekky with my friends and get prepared for the marathon. The only thing I'm worry about is the weather tomorrow. Like Joe's said, the weather here is very unpredictable. I hope it's going to be a good weather tomorrow. Fingers crossed...

Before I end this post,


One year older, one year wiser. Wish you all the best in everything!:)


THE ANiTOKiD said...

Wow! Hope you're okay after the marathon thing! And hope you did well too! Got to your site from my friend, EastCoast.

Hope you feel better!

AnitoKid at

ilene said...

KOK, long time no visit you. Wah, I've got so much reading to catch on! Sakit also push yourself to take the walk! You and Judy sama. She sakit oso push herself to cook! adoi! Looks like most of us are getting the flu bugs these days! I just recovered but not fully yet coz the cough has now set in. Do take some rest otherwise, you're gonna overwork that body system of yours! Listen ah!

Sue Sue said...

Wah, can walk or not still down with flu and sore throat. Rest well today and hope you can finish your 12 km walk.

cc said...

Wei, trying to be a superman ah, can run marathon some more! Hope you'll well now. :)

Kok said...

anitokid: I felt much more better after the marathon. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for dropping by too. I'll drop by your blog after this. Hope you enjoy your stay here. :)

Ilene: Wah, I thought you forgot about me liao. Long time no hear from you! haha!

Yaloh, I just wonder if virus spread through blogosphere these days. Lots of bloggers fell sick these days.

I'll take more rest. Don't worry. You also take care ok? Hope you get well soon! :)

sue sue: Can can! I even finished the race liao. haha!

cc: Superman also not this strong lah. haha! I'm so much better now. Thanks for your concern. :)

l y n n w e i said...

great to hear that u're getting better for ur sickness! ahaa


currently, i'm writing on the post about Highschool Flashback and Dramas....aha...remmeber to visit o! ahhaa

Kok said...

I should be alright in a day or two. hehe.

Oh really? I'm looking forward for it!:)

Judy said...

Sorry Kok, how did I miss this post.

Thank you, thank you....hehehe

Kok said...

Aunty Judy,
Wrote your name big big also never see ah?:P

Not a problem. Hope you enjoy your birthday. :D

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