Friday, August 24, 2007

Get Lost!

"Get lost, flu and sorethroat! I'm not going to friend you!"

Some of you might know that I'm down with flu and sorethroat since the past few days. Yesterday alone, I slept as early as 7p.m. until the next day 9a.m. But still, my flu and sorethroat do not get any better.

Anyway, I'm going to try everything possible to get rid of this flu and sorethroat before this Sunday because I'm going to participate in...

2007 HBF Perth City to Surf.

2007 HBF Perth City to Surf. It's an annual marathon event in Perth. I'm taking part in 12km walk category for the very first time this year and I hope to get it done below 2 hours.

I'll blog about this event more if I'm getting my handphone for photos on that day (camera too bulky and difficult to jog with it). At the mean time, I'm going to rest more and get well as soon as possible. No bloghopping these few days for me. Sorry, guys!


eastcoastlife said...

oi.... no running when you have flu and cough!! Can get pnemonia, can die also! Dun play play ah! I doubt you can recover fully on Sunday. You better 'die this heart' lah! CANNOT RUN MARATHON! This is an order.

Judy said...

I agree with ecl. No running if you are still sick! Siow liow ah??

Going to check on you tomorrow to see what condition you are in.

If you disobey, I will let ecl do the spanking....she would love it!! Wahahahaha.....chiow kar see!

Sorry ah ecl!!

joy said...

Get well soon, Kok! And best of luck in the marathon.

Your Love Coach

Dancing Queen said...

Eh, I thought I left a comment earlier? Never mind, I also agree with ecl & judy, no marathon for you on Sunday. When you're sick, you have to rest! That's your body telling you.

From someone with some authority, DQ! :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

becareful and take care..nvr know wat kind of aussie weather will pop up that day..

wonda said...

Sorry, been busy these days to bloghop. Wah, so many posts ah? No wonder you get sick. Not enough rest lei. Tell me to rest, you yourself don't. Why are you up bloggging when you are down with flu? Huh? Marathon some more? Bo kiasu never mind, but bo kiasi tak boleh wor! That's the end of my long lecture. You better take care and rest well. U saw a doctor oredi?

Kok said...

eastcoastlife and Aunty Judy: Aiks? I got lecture from two mum. haha! Don't worry. You must believe in how fast I recover. I'm 60% well now. 1 day recover 60%. Tomorrow or later, I'll recover 120%! :P

Don't worry, if I'm too sick, I won't run for it. But pay $28 liao leh. Somemore, next year, don't know if I'm staying here or not. If not, this is my last chance to participate. So, must try my best to recover. haha!

Anyway, I'll report again on my condition maybe tonight. ;)

joy: Thanks a lot. I'll get well soon. :)

dancing queen: If my health doesn't give a green light to do so, I'll just pull out.

joe: Thanks. I know that. I hope it's a fine day tomorrow. And again, hope my health permits me to do so...

Aunty Alice: Nolah, I was eating my porridge while writing this post. Didn't spend too much time on it. I got enough rest leh. Slept for 7 hours at least a day leh. Still not enough?:P Noleh, didn't see a doctor but I did take some medicine. Like I told ecl and Aunty Judy, I'm 60% recover already. Will see if I can 101% recover or not tonight. Wait my good news. ;) Thanks Aunty Alice, I'll take care and get well.

Chen said...

hope u will recover soon. Don't indulge yourself in strenuous activities if u r still sick..

WokandSpoon said...

12Km!! Phew! Hope you get better soon!!

Kok said...

chen: Roger that, Doctor Chen!:P

wokandspoon: I will. Thanks!:)

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