Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pay Per Post (PPP)?

PPP? What’s that? That was my question when I first saw this triple Ps in one of the blogs I hopped to.

After searching up and down, left and right in the search engine, I finally answered my own question. It is no other than Pay Per Post(blog marketing)! “Get paid for blogging”, this was what attracted me to find out more about this.

I was quite reluctant to sign up at first. I thought my blog is mainly for me to ramble and write something interesting. Considering the pros and cons, I finally gave up on my initial thinking to just blog about something random. Moreover, I think my readers would like me to introduce some of the great products or services that I come across in some of the advertisements. So, there I went, filled up my personal particulars and waited for my blog to be approved.

Once approved, I still gave a bit of final thinking before I write my first post (this!) for Pay Per Post. It’s tough but hey, I can finally earn my side income and add on to my “gadget funds”! With the money I get from Pay Per Post, I can even sample more food and post some food reviews on my blog. Cool eh?

I hope all of you will continue to give me support! :)

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