Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gone Shopping

First of all, I would like to apologise for not being able to update my Melbourne Day 1 post. This is due to the shaped connection I'm having now. 56k connection for 3 people and also 40+ photos to upload, how am I going to update? Anyway, I have something else to recommend to you all.

Do you all still remember Chef Chris who Wok With Kok the other day? Ok, he's neither a chef nor a singer. He's actually an assistant producer in one of the latest Singapore production films, Gone Shopping. Incredible eh?

Gone Shopping.

So, what's Gone Shopping all about? Is it a good film? Frankly speaking, I still haven't got a chance to watch it myself. However, in my personal opinion, it must be a great film judging from its trailer. Moreover, it is starring, gorgeous and famous Singapore TV host, Kym Ng!

Kym Ng as Clara Wong and Adrian Pang as Valentine Tan.

A brief sypnosis I've obtained from Gone Shopping's official website is as follow:

GONE SHOPPING" is a satirical drama of three individuals who escape to various shopping centers in search of a better life. Leading the repertoire is Clara, a tragically romantic 40-year-old 'tai tai' (wealthy lady of leisure) who goes to the shopping center in search of affection, followed by Renu, a feisty 8-year-old girl who goes to the shopping center in search of independence and finally Aaron, an angst ridden 23-year-old 'Gen-Y' boy who goes to the shopping center in search of his manhood.

Unfolding over three days, this motley crew will lead audiences through a journey of love, loss and liberation in the heart of Singapore where they find that their dreams can be bought and broken. In the midst of it all, they will also cross paths with other 'creatures' of the shopping centers, each of them with their own strange retail tales.

Curious about the movie? Want to take a peep at it? Take a look at the trailer which is available both in English and Mandarin.

English Trailer.

Mandarin Trailer.

Not to forget, a music video of the movie of which, Chris did most of the camera work. Due to that reason, the poor him never get to appear in the video!

Music Video.

Now, what are you waiting for? Those who're in Singapore, run to your nearest cinema and catch this movie. For those in other countries, I'm sorry to say that you all have to wait a little bit longer for it. It will be available at your nearest cinema soon. Nevertheless, good stuff is always worth to wait, right? ;)

Chris and Kym Ng.

Now, support Chris, support Gone Shopping!


eastcoastlife said...

Chris is the assistant producer for Gone Shopping! Really!? Cool!

No wonder that guy is so drama! hehehe....

I love Kym Ng.

wmw said...

haha...the name of the guy Valentine Tan! Reminds me of my friend's friend, she was called Romancier!

Shionge said...

This is so cool Kok...I knew the show is currently on here..I'll check it out if I get the chance too. Tks.

Tummythoz said...

Wahlau-eh.. Kok! U r d famous-1 lar. People who come to here can meet celebrity(ies)!

Chen said...

When i first glanced at the title, i thought u went shopping, hence the title "gone shopping".. didn't realise it's the title for the movie (i dun watch movie ;) )

Kok said...

eastcoastlife: Look out for his name in "credits"! haha!

Now you know why he likes camwhore with me eh?:P

Kym Ng is Chris' good friend. Buddy like that. haha!

wmw: Romancier? Wah! How romantic can he be. haha!

shionge: Yea, check it out when you're free!:)

tummythoz: Me where got famous. Chris is not a celebrity lah. haha!

chen: Misleading title eh? haha! You don't watch movie? Serious!? Actually, I seldom watch movie too. hehe.

Jackson said...

it's ROCK!!! seems like all yr friend is celebrity!! and im one of them!!

eastcoastlife said...

So Chris is completing his course soon? And coming back to Singapore? Wei.... next time got any movie parts, can ask him call me anot? I also got camera face. hahaha......

Judy said...

wahahaha, listen to ecl, she wants to be on tv too. Eh, I know they have this show in Malaysia 'Lau char boh'. Don't exactly know the actress's name but I was wondering if Chris to co-produce a similar serial making me the lau char boh in the story. :)

Eeeek, creepy, I was thinking along the same line as wmw when I saw the name Valentine Tan. Who wants to have a name Valentine?? Romancier?? These kids must belong to some famous celebrity like Beckham with their poor kids' names as Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz! **Smacks forehead**.

hsiouling said...

eh how come i havent heard of the show in Sg? :p Maybe lately I keep watching TVB dramas only :p

Kok said...

jackson: You're a celebrity? From Bollywood or Hollywood? haha!:P

eastcoastlife: He will be completing his course end of this year. Same like me. hehe. And yes, he'll be going back to Singapore for good after that.

Hahaha! Sad to say, he's thinking of not going back to the media industry anymore. He'll try his luck with SIA pilot. Maybe you can ask him to fly you around instead. :P

Aunty Judy: Which Lao Zhar Boh that you meant oh? Is it the one who started a blog? But, Chris might not involve in the media industry anymore lah. So, cannot make you into Lao Zhar Boh. hehe.

Valentine Tan is the name of the guy in the movie lah. I think in real life, nobody wants to have a name like that eh? Unless those who wants to get attention. haha!

hsiouling: Welcome to my blog! :)

Alamak, you should support your "local" (although you're Malaysian) movie lah. Go go find it out! haha!:P

Dalicia said...

too bad i'm not near singapore or malaysia. interested to check it out though

Kok said...

Welcome to my humble blog! :)

I don't know if it is going to appear in your country or not. I'll check it out with my housemate later. :)

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