Thursday, August 02, 2007

Adelaide Day 4

After so much delay, I finally have the time to continue on my Adelaide trip.

30th June 2007
Adelaide Day 4 started off at about 10a.m. My sis and I met up with Danny and Sharon before we went to buy bus tickets to Melbourne.

After we managed to grab off two tickets for next day bus, we wanted to have a light breakfast; dim sum.

"Zero Point"?

We walked pass this small lane and saw this three little girls having a morning exercise. This reminded me of my cousins and I who used to play "Zero Point"! Yea, I did play that before. ;)

Central Market, Adelaide.

Since we were too early for dim sum as the restaurant only opens at 11a.m., we decided to roam around the Central Market.

What do you want?


Donuts or cheese?

I simply love the Central Market here. Unlike the market in Perth (Subi Market) which is very small and always packed with people during peak hours, the central market here is quite huge with lots of different products being sold.

Gouger Palace.

Leaving the Central Market, we went to Gouger Palace Chinese Restaurant for dim sum. I thought dim sum is for breakfast? How come they only open at 11a.m.? So early!

The interior.

It has a very elegant and spacious interior design. The only thing that disappointed me is, they don't have the traditional dim sum trolley which goes around the restaurant.

Har Gao.

Siu Mai.

Wu Gok.

Char Siu Puff.

Har Gao Skin with Siu Mai Filling (Don't know what is this actually. :P)

Again, the dim sum disappointed me. They didn't taste as good as the dim sum I had in Perth. Just look at the Siu Mai, it's just like the Siu Mai in Miri. They were not really up to my standard. In addition to that, I couldn't remember how much but the dim sum here were quite pricey though.

Anyway, we were running out of time for the day. So, we took a bus and headed all the way to the famous, Hahndorf German Village.

Carrots, please translate!

We reached Hahndorf after a 45 minutes (?) ride. Carrots might be thinking, "Why you all wanna go to this "Kuman" Village?" haha!

Brothers reunion!

We went straight to this The German Arms Hotel as Melissa told us earlier that before 2p.m., there would be some kind of feast there.

What feast?

We rushed into the hotel, looking left and right, up and down, trying to look for the feast. However, we couldn't find anything. Is there any feast actually? Perhaps Joe can answer me this.

Spot the differences.

We decided to just forget about the feast and start to explore the village.

Cheese, cheese and cheese!

We went to this cheese shop nearby.

Various cheese.

They sell all sorts of cheese and jams. They even offer free tasting for the walk-in customers.


Jam tasting.

Being the typical Malaysians, we tasted some of the cheese and jam but didn't buy anything at all. :P

A small cafe corner.

The cheese shop does not sell cheese and jam mainly. There's a cafe corner where you can order a cup of coffee and a piece of cake and just relax for the entire day.

Chocolate Shop.

We stopped by at this Chocolate Shop after strolling passed few shops. Chocolate Shop, we thought we might have something to buy.

Lovely presentations.

Rose Chocolates.

This shop sells assorted chocolate which you hardly can find elsewhere. Of course, you have to expect the price to be a bit high too.

Chocolate Bars.

Just look at this. Four unique bars of chocolate. Emergency, Bear Bear, Lusty or Smooch chocolate. We bought non of those.

We proceed on to look around the places...

Operates since year 1839? 168 years ago!

So this is Old Hahndorf Village?

We couldn't go in!

Red Nose Day is a charity day.

Sharon forced me to do this!!! :P

After so much walking, time for high tea! Or was it lunch (we had not have our lunch at 3p.m.)?

Otto's Bakery.

We went to this Otto's Bakery to try out the Ham Jim Beng (no idea what's the name of it) which was highly recommended by my sis.

Simple pastries.

All the cakes and pastries look so sweet to me. I know, cakes and pastries supposed to be sweet, but look at the photo, don't you feel they're really sweet?

No customers?

There was almost no customers when we reached there. Good, so we could "fully book" the whole cafe. :P

Three cakes and pastries for four persons.

On the very right is my sis' favourite Ham Jim Beng topped up with a bit of pinky cream. Inside, there's this blueberry jam. No doubt, out of the three, this Ham Jim Beng is the best.

What's that?

After that, I wanted to try their must-eat-German-sausage. However, when we reached the stall, everyone was looking up instead of queueing for the sausages. Don't tell me German sausage falls from the sky?

Little possum.

No! It was a little possum on the tree! Everyone started to take out their camera and pointed it towards the possum. "Chik chak chik chak"! All taking photos of this possum and forgot about the German sausage.

Sausage on a baguette.

Ok, finished with the photo taking, back to the German sausage. This stall was operated by this man. He's kind enough to give us more information about each type of the sausages. Beef sausage is just the normal sausage, Bratwurst is the pork and beef traditional German sausage whereas Kranski is cheese sausage.

Kranski sausage on a banquette.

I ordered Kranski while Sharon had the traditional Bratwurst. I didn't try out Sharon's Bratwurst but my Kranski was absolutely delicious! The outer skin was a bit crunchy while the meat was juicy and yummy! When I took a bite of the sausage, the melted cheese was oozing out from the sausage. Marvelous!

Satisfied with the German sausage, we went to few more shops in the village before we headed back to the city.

The three and the photographer.

G'day mate! Cheers mate!

I'm Queen Sharon 2007?

This is amazing! When you point at the "stone", it'll know your name! Just like what Sharon did. Ok, I made up this. :P

Final shop, we went to this "Taste of Hahndorf".

Taste of Hahndorf.

All sorts of products.

Lap Cheong (Chinese preserved sausage)?

After wondering around for almost 5 hours, we left Hahndorf. It is an interesting place and definitely a tourist spot in Adelaide. If I have a chance, I would like to visit Hahndorf again for its Kranski! ;)

Hey! Don't go off yet! My Adelaide Day 4 didn't end like that. Sharon and Danny parted with us shortly after we reached Adelaide City. My sis and I went back to take a short rest. Then I asked my sis this question.

"Where to have our dinner ah?"

She had no choice but to answer me every single day when I was at Adelaide. Haha!

Hong Fatt B.B.Q Restaurant.

Both of us went to Hong Fatt B.B.Q. Restaurant for dinner that night as my sis preferred a Chinese meal.

Beef Fried Kueh Tiaw.

My order, Beef Fried Kueh Tiaw. It's really beef fried with kueh tiaw. I thought they might at least add some vege but no! Only bean sprouts. Alamak! Worse, this kueh tiaw was a tad oily. I regretted ordering this actually.

Omelette with B.B.Q. Pork Rice.

My sis had this Omelette with B.B.Q. Pork Rice. I've never seen this before in Perth and I think it's cute! Haha! It's just an ordinary dish though. B.B.Q. pork rice topped with fried omelette and gravy. I tasted it and it's better than my Beef Fried Kueh Tiaw.

Done with dinner, now what?

Victoria Square.

I requested my sis to walk to Victoria Square for some photo. The fountain was just too nice at night. With my shaky hands, I took 10 or more photos of this fountain and only 1 or 2 looks nice. I think I've a reason to change my camera now. ;)

The night was still early, so, I asked my sis to just walk around Rundle St.

All the cute "Me To You"!

That was my last night in Adelaide. I couldn't imagine 4 days just fly off like that. I don't know when will be my next trip to Adelaide. Maybe during my sis' convo? Maybe few years later? Or maybe not at all...

I enjoyed my very last night in Adelaide. We went home and slept after a long day.

Till then, Adelaide Day 5 (final day) coming soon...


Judy said...

Hooray, I number Satu!

Eh, why you all want to go dim sum what time? So early, who open for dim sum?

Did you go to Vic Market in Melbourne? Better lor. :)

Aiyah, Kok, don't blame Sharon lah, I think you personally wanted to do that to the statue and asked Sharon to take a photo one. Tut, tut, tut.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hmmm what feast? i also dunno 1? but the food there is pretty decent and huge!!..the burger is stacked up till you feel full after u had a look at it..

rgding dimsum..i think ding hao would have been slightly better..dinner @ hong fatt? i hated that place but it gives huge servings although that omelette rice is about the nicest thing they cook..

again this brings me back the memories of my good old days..i miss it..

^SpRInG^ said...

you sure do sound like ur having lots of fun =)

SomebodyHasToBe said...

After you all left for melbourne, I heard my friends says that Gouger Palace is not a very good place to go for dim sum.haha..expensive, they say. But I wonder why Mellisa says it is quite cheap.=P We have been cheated...either by Mellisa, or the 1 that pay for the bill..haha

Dancing Queen said...

I want the "lusty" chocolate lah, feeling lusty...! Hehe! :D

I love Hahndorf too, especially those craft shops! :)

xiu long bao said...

the donuts look interesting, hanging like clothes...but the dimsums look so sad.

Kok said...

Aunty Judy: Haha! I thought you always number satu here to comment?:P

No mah. Normally dim sum people eat early in the morning mah. 11a.m., people eat lunch loh. :P

Vic Market? My friend didn't want to bring us there. He said waste time wor. :(

Hahaha! You reck on? Sharon asked me to do one lah. Me just follow instruction. hahaha!

joe: I also don't know what feast is that. Serious? We should have our lunch there! Ahhhh!

My friend did recommend both Ding Hao and Gouger but she said Gouger is better? Why you hated that place? I think BBQ City is worst! Wait till Adelaide Day 5 and I'll explain. :P That omelette rice is the nicest thing meh? Then the chef must be omelette expert. haha!

One more day to go in Adelaide. haha

spring: Ok ok lah. Quite enjoy. :)

lee: Haha! Melissa actually suggested Ding Hao as well lah but then she said Gouger is better?

dancing queen: You've just given a hint to my sis to bring the LUSTY chocolate for you. hahaha!

Yaya, those craft shops are nice. I like one craft shop which sells those DIY stuff. Cool!

xiu long bao: I never see donuts hanging like that too! Are they "preserved donuts"? haha! The dim sum? Alamak, just like kopitiam dim sum but so much expensive only. Sigh.

Shionge said...

Good Food of dim sum, cheeses & pastries can never go wrong in a trip like this what more with good friends ya!

Thank you for your well-wishes to me Kok :D

Kok said...

You're back! I bet everything must be going fine for you. Hip hip horraayy! :)

I'm looking more for that. Holidays, nice food and great company. :P

WokandSpoon said...

Oh wow - so much food! sounds like you had a great time!!! Hope you ate some Tim Tams while you were there!

eastcoastlife said...

What a long and interesting post with great photos! My nephew and some students studied in Adelaide and had repeatedly asked me to go over. But I thought it was a quiet and boring place, many people told me that har.

That huge hotdog looked so yummilicious! Yeah, that's the only thing I'm impressed. hahahahaha......

Kok said...

wokandspoon: Haha! I ate non-stop for the whole 5 days in Adelaide and the next 5 days in Melbourne. :P I didn't eat any Tim Tams there. I can eat it over here in Perth. Even so, I seldom eat cause it's so expensive! haha!

eastcoastlife: "Cheong hei" post again huh?:P

To be honest, Adelaide has really nothing much to see as compared to Melbourne and Perth. Perhaps it's a place for you to get away from the big city.

Hahaha! Actually it's not that huge lah. Photo effect. haha! That sausage costs Aud$5 leh. Of course it had to be yummilicious! hahaha!

Kenny Mah said...

Oh gosh... I nearly died tripping on my tongue... salivating... so much food... goodies... yumsss... me love long, picturey posts like these... very satisfying! Like a 12-course banquet! :d

Judy said...

Kok, tumpang lalu this time....

eastcoastlife, you are right lah. Adelaide actually very boring one. Only the Asians go there and make it lively.

Go see Sydney and Melbourne. If you ask me, I would say Melbourne is best. The weather is more predictable. Sydney is wetter than UK believe it or not. But if go to Aust and not see Sydney Opera house also 'boh ligan'. :)

Kok said...

kenny: Haha! The food not that nice also lah. Quantity but not quality. :P Hope you enjoy it. One whole course meal took me about 3 to 4 hours to post. Dead tired lah.

Aunty Judy: Wah! In a blog owns by a guy live in Perth, you berani promote Melbourne? hahaha! Eastcoastlife, come to Perth, it's not too big and not too small. Just nice! hahaha!

wmw said...

Adelaide looks like lots of fun...Aiyah, Sharon couldn't possibly have "forced" you to do anything you don't want to do lah...blame people. LOL!

Joy said...

You made me hungry! Now I'm craving for shrimp siomai.

joy said...

Belum breakfast leh. Hungry.

You come. I belanja you nice dim sum

wonda said...

Thanks to you, this is the fastest tour I've ever been by scrolling, not traveling.

wonda said...

Thanks to you, this is the fastest tour I've ever been by scrolling, not traveling.

Oh for the love of food! said...

Hey there Kok!, I read your comment on Wok and Spoon and realized that you are situated in Perth- that was reason enough for me to come say "HI!" I am glad I found your blog, I really enjoyed reading your post on your visit to Adelaide. I've been living in Oz for 18 years and have not been to Adelaide, maybe I should pay a visit soon, your pictures are so beautiful. I'm from KL originally. One more thing in common that we have is we both have Joy Barredo as a link, gorgeous lady she is. She invited me to contribute in the Kitchen Goddess page of her website, so now, my weekly posts also appear on her website. Enough rambling for now.. You can't blame me for being excited, You are the only other blogger (besides Belinda of 'Bel's Fish Bowl' )that I've found posting from Perth. Have a great weekend, I will visit again to catch up on your Adelaide day 5 post!

Dancing Queen said...

Hehe, Kok, bu yong ke qi need to ask your sis to bring LUSTY to me..:)

Who says Adelaide is boring? I love Adelaide. Anyway, to be honest, I love Sydney ze best! I still want to go back there & visit my aunt. She loves to drive me here, drive me there.

The last time she kept wanting to drive us to Blue Mountains & we kept saying never mind, we just go to the city & shop. Looking back, we should have just followed what she said. I miss her. ;( Never mind, I will be there...soon I hope! :)

teckiee said...

I cant wait till AirAsia launch their flights to OZ! The har kaw looks good leh.. the skin to transparent. And the cheese and sausages just makes me droolll

sharon said...

judy: yeh he told me to pose there one..hahaha!;) too bad la the pic not very nice, bad photographing skill la u kok! Now, dont tell me that the model inside is not nice..hahahahaha!!

MeiyeN said...

oh my god... which part of adelaide to buy "me to you" bears?!!! i want that... i want that, my favourite!!!!!!!!!! O_o gonna ask fiance's sis to help me get it.. :D

eastcoastlife said...

I'll visit you in Perth and also cook for you. If you're not afraid of dying from food poisoning. hahaha....

Tumpang your blog aso ar.

Suan Suan (Judy),
I've visited Melbourne and Sydney years ago. I should blog about them too? hehehe....

SomebodyHasToBe said...

The donut u keep talking about is not actually donut. It is call 'bagel'

Kok said...

wmw: Like this already very fun meh? Then Perth and Melbourne would be more interesting leh. haha! Eh eh, Sharon forced me one. Me wanna lari liao then she said, eh eh, take photos. So, like that loh. hahaha!

Joy: Oh yea, does Europe have any siu mai? hehe.

yenjai: You sure or not? Confirm? If confirm, I die die also wanna go KL. hahaha!

Aunty Alice: Aik? Means my post not interesting lah? Can just scan through and that's it.

oh for the love of food: Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog here. Hope you enjoy your stay!:)

Wow, you've been here for 18 years old already? You must have known Perth pretty well eh?

How come not going to Adelaide for a short trip? Actually Adelaide, you'll only need a week to travel around. It's more than enough I guess.

Oh yea, Dr. Joy, she's a wonderful lady. And I like her website though. So simple yet elegant. That's what I told her. hehe. She invited you to become her Kitchen Goddess? Gosh, I think you're another good chef! Am I right? ;)

Haha! I never know that there're so little people posting from Perth. I thought should be a lot of bloggers in Perth. Maybe have to go around and look for them. hehe.

Adelaide Day 5 should be up in a couple day time. Just need to sort out the photos and write it up. Thanks again for dropping by. Come back again anytime you want. :)

dancing queen: You sure or not? Lusty Choc, you hardly can find one leh. Eat liao will become lusty one leh. hahaha!:P

Adelaide quite boring leh. Nothing to do one. hehe. That's what I think lah.

Eh eh, I also wanna go Sydney leh. Gold Coast and maybe Tasmania. And I still wanna go to Melbourne cause there are still some places which I missed out!

So how? Meet you in Sydney? hahaha!

teckiee: I thought now M'sia has budget airline to Sydney liao?

The har kao ah? Oklah, but then, the size was so sad. Kopitiam size. haha!

The sausage... ICHIBAN I tell you. You should try when you have the chance. :)

sharon: The model? Got model meh? I thought just a passerby? hahaha!

meiyen: Oh, the shop is just along Rundle St. You tell your fiance's sis and definitely she'll know. Cause Adelaide is so small. haha! I also like this "Me To You"! hahaha! Too bad, I'm too poor to even buy one for myself. Maybe I should buy a small one. Aud$26 for one small one. hehe

eastcoastlife: Wahhh!!! So kind of you! Thank you! Eh, if got eat, what for I need to scare will die of poison right?:P

Kok said...

Really? What's that?

Chen said...

Hahhaa, i love the way they hang the donuts :D

G @ said...

Hooray, I nombor Last! Wow so many nice pics of u and co. in Adelaide. Sure made me wanna visit Adelaide too, maybe hv to wait till my girl grows up to be ur age first loh, no need to bring pampers mah, hehe.

Kok said...

chen: haha! Cute right?:P My sis told me it's not donut leh. It's called bagel. Hmm...

mommibee: You're not the last. I'm the last. haha! Aiks? No need to wait till your lil girl reaches my age eh? Wait till she's 5 years old, I think that'll be alright to travel? ;) said...

Kok, haiyo, confirm lar.
Come come.
I belanja you dai bao and wu gok

teckiee said...

no la no flight yet la... got meh? launching for RM9.90 for the first day then it's RM88 to RM300++ still cheap!

Kok said...

yenjai: Woohooo!!! Thanks first yenjai. I'll find you when I visit KL next time! :)

teckiee: I think got leh. If not hor, you take Tiger Airways come Perth. Very cheap! haha!

Jackson said...

i wan the sausage!!! U must having a great time over there!! It's so much good food!

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