Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wok With Kok (Invited Chef)

Welcome to this week,


Today, Wok With Kok invites the famous, Chris Chen a.k.a. Jeffery Huang from Machi, as our invited chef!

Housemate, Chef Chris.

Let us put our hands together and welcome, Chef Chris!

*Clap clap*

Many must be wondering what's the dish for today. I would like to apologise as Chris and I won't be cooking any dishes. We'll make some "easy" snack for you all. Anyone wants to have a guess?

Yes, this pretty girl in pink.

"Have a snack, have a Kit Kat!"

Haha! Chris and I won't be that good to make a bar of Kit Kat! Nice guess though. Thanks! Anymore people want to have a guess?

This gentleman with "Guess" t-shirt.

"You Char Kueh (dough fritter)?"

Good guess but no! Ok, I think I'll just review the snack for today.


It may sounds easy but you'll still need some skill to make good popcorn. First, let me list down all the ingredients that you need to make popcorn.


Popping Corn.

  1. Popping corn
  2. Sugar
  3. Salt
  4. Cooking oil
  5. Butter (optional)
Like I said earlier, it doesn't seem to be as easy as you think to make popcorn. With two chef here, nothing is impossible. Below are the steps to follow:
  • Grab a covered sauce pan.
  • Pour in just enough cooking oil to cover the base of the pan and heat up using high heat.
  • When it's hot enough, put in half a cup of popping corn. If too much popping corn, it won't be able to pop all.
  • Cover the pan with the lid and turn to medium heat.
  • Wait till the first popping corn pop, quickly add in sugar (to your preference) and butter (optional).
Add in sugar.
  • Cover the pan up and shake the pan like the two photo below. This is to make sure all the sugar covers the popping corn evenly and also, not to let the sugar get burnt! (Tips: Sugar get burn easily in heat).
Chef Kok shakes the pan gently.

Chef Chris shakes the pan vigorously.
  • After 1 minute or so, the popping corn will start popping. Continue to shake the pan from time to time.
  • Remove the pan from the stove once in a while. Again, to avoid the popcorn from being burnt.
  • Once there's no popping sound, remove the lid and HOLA!
Golden brown, crunchy popcorn!
  • Serve it hot!
Kok says it's good!

Chris loves it!

The toughest part in this making popcorn is to make sure the sugar does not burn. Why do I say so? Because, Chef Kok and Chef Chris failed twice before we got it right!

First try, slightly burnt.

Second try, worse!

I hope you all will enjoy this light, yet tasty snack especially in front of the "big black box". ;)

Hey! Not finish yet! Chef Chris invents a new, refreshing drink to go with the popcorn. He names it, "Necter Sprizler". How to make it? Chef Chris will show you.

Necter Sprizler

  • Apricot nectar
Apricot nectar.
  • Soda water
Soda water.

  • Pour in half cup of apricot nectar.
Half cup of nectar.
  • Add half cup of soda water.
Half cup of soda water.

And that's it! The Necter Sprizler in two simple steps! Best served chilled!


Popcorn and a cup of Necter Sprizler, the best company for a movie at home!

That's for this week Wok with Kok. Kok and Chris can cook, so can you! Thank you! :)

P/s: I did this post in a rush. Apologise for being quite "messy".
P/s/s: Melbourne post needs more time to write. I haven't sorted out all the photos yet!


Judy said...

Aiyoh...Wok with Kok become Corny Kok Popped! Wahaha

I make popcorn microwave or years ago with popcorn machine...hehehe..

Good thing you used non stick pan, otherwise wash like crazy...then become crazy kok popped!

wonda said...

I like the facial expressions. Good for advertisement. You guys remind me of some Cantonese movies!

Dancing Queen said...

My kids love pop corns! Did that the other day - will make some more! Good step-by-step instruction you have! :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahaha very poppy indeed..i thought usually u just buy the microwave kind..but somehow ppl in aussie like salted pop corn unlike our caramelized versions in malaysia..

wmw said...

Wah, Kok and Chris...drama kings! Hee hee....

Muminmiri said...

Eh, not fair - why yours not burnt? But sorry ah, after my last burnt popcorn, I not ready to try again.

Kok said...

Aunty Judy: Hahaha! What Corny Kok Popped lah?!?! haha!

Aiyooo...microwave popcorn not nice one lah. I made the original popcorn!:P

Trues, if not, I'll wash like crazy!

Aunty Alice: Advertisement? Got or not oh? I also can become superstar?:P

Hah? What Cantonese movies you're thinking?

By the way, Chris really works in media industry. I shall post one of his production soon. ;)

dancing queen: Eh eh, pop corns cannot eat too much also lah. Heaty leh...

Thank you! More Wok With Kok is yet to come!

joe: Microwave one nice meh? I doubt so leh.

Yea, they like the salty popcorn. I still prefer the popcorn with melted sugar. :)

wmw: Me not drama king lah. Chris is. He knows how to make lots of expressions for photo. :P

muminmiri: You didn't finish the post meh? We had our popcorn burnt twice before we finally make it leh. haha! Eh, follow my instructions and I think your popcorn won't get burn. Have faith in Chef Kok and Chef Chris! :P

Sasha said...

Alamak u got yr frens to camwhore with u samo....satu gang la u all. hahahahah

Sue Sue said...

Hi come across your blog from Judy's blog.

Wei use la POP SECRET. Chuck into microwave and set timer to 5 minutes. Ting ! Kau Tim. hahahaha

eastcoastlife said...

hahaha.... I look at the pics more than read your corny post. Chris is so funny.

So troublesome, I'll just go out and buy if I crave for popcorn. :)

Oh for the love of food! said...

Kok, you're so cute and funny at the same time! Where do you study in Perth and what do you study?

Kok said...

sasha: Aiyo, long time ago we already satu gang lah. hahaha!

sue sue: Hi Sue Sue! Welcome to my humble blog. :)

POP SECRET? Got that nice meh? hehehe.

eastcoastlife: Haha! Chris is from Singapore as well. :P

Aiyo, commercial popcorn where got that nice? Always not sweet enough one leh. hehe

ohfortheloveoffood: Wow! Cute and funny? Thanks thanks! haha!

I'm with The University of Western Australia studying Mechanical Engineering. Are you still studying?

MeiyeN said...

popcorns!!!! i tell ya.. must have popcorns while watching movies :D

jane said...

wahahahha guys also like to camwhore hor. i remember ur mom used to pop popcorns many many years back! :D isit ah? or i remember wrongly!

Chen said...

too troublesome to make the popcorn. I will take the easy way out --> buy from shopping mall :D

Kok said...

meiyen: Yaya, must have something to munch when you're watching a movie. haha!

jane: Nowadays, guys and gals equal level already man. hahaha! Wow, you've good memory lah! My mum did pop popcorn ages ago when she bought the first non-stick wok. haha!

chen: I think it's just the progress which is fun. :P

Muminmiri said...

I did finish reading the post and I know you finally did it successfully so my "not fair" comment was becoz you got it right in the end, whereas I never got it right using that method lor. :)

Well, at least I know if I want to try again, I can always refer here.

eastcoastlife said...

Chris from Singapore? Doesn't look Singaporean leh. Look like Korean. hehe....

Shionge said...

Looks like fun time with the Chef...send him over Kok, I'll buy microwavable popcorns ekekeke...

Kok said...

mum in miri: Trial and error is the secret to success. haha!

Try it again lah. Then you can let me know if my method works. I'm pretty sure it'll work well for everyone though. Don't disappoint me. Go and make pop corn. Kok can cook, so can you! haha!

eastcoastlife: When I told him that someone actually said he's a Korean, he was so happy! hahaha!

By the way, too much Korean drama that makes you think he's a Korean eh?:P

shionge: Send him to Singapore? Don't worry. He's a Singaporean and he'll be back at the end of the year. :P

teckiee said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA even quick "messy" post is entertaining. U and Chris are such jokers :p

Judy said...

Kok, still popping corn ah? Yaaawwnn.. :P

Jackson said...

clap clap clap... i love yr name " wok wit kok" aka WWK!!

Kok said...

teckiee: I thought it's messy and not entertaining? hahaha! Nolah, I'm not a joker. Chris is! :P

Aunty Judy: My internet has been shaped. So, no fast connection to update blog. Sad...

Kok said...

Thank you thank you. haha! It's Kenny who gave me the name. ;)

joy said...

Hi Kok! You're always up to something fun!

Norwich Daily Photo

Kok said...

Hi Joy,
We've to always find something fun to do to keep our life wonderful, you reckon? ;)

Kleio the Muse said...

Didn't know one could make popcorns with a frying pan. I am sooooo 'jakun'. LOL.

You guys are so entertaining. Camwhore and Drama Queen - what a great mix!

You fren is a cutey ;) Tho not as sweet as you.

Kok said...

Now, you know, you can make it for your son! I bet he'll love it. :)

Haha! We have to find something fun in our life mah. hehe.

Aiks? You always praise me. Later I fly to the sky loh. haha!

G @ said...

wah very funny post Kok, well done. aiyoh no one sponsor u popcorn maker meh? ur kitchen hand, Chris, very good in posing also hor haha.

Kok said...

Hahaha! Hope you're enjoying the post. :P Popcorn maker? Noleh. But are you hinting you wanna get me one? ;) He likes people to take photo of him! haha!

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