Saturday, August 18, 2007

Simple or Complicated?

I know I am supposed to continue on my Melbourne Day 2 trip but I haven't sorted all the photos out yet. So, I'll post it maybe in the next few days.

Anyway, yesterday, a news in Yahoo! caught my attention. The title says it all; Chinese Couple Tried to Name Baby "@".

Does it sound simple or complicated to you when you are to use symbol as your children's name? For me, it can be simple or complicated.

"!@#$%^ Don't fall down ah!"

Dancing Queen calls her children No. 1, No. 2 and No.3 while, Mum In Miri calls her children Abeh, Asei and A? (don't know her household name yet). Luckily they didn't name their children with those symbols, if not, it'll be like "!@#" which sounds so wrong!

My name is .

How about naming your child "."? Filling up the "name" column in any application form would never be that easy! However, he might ends up getting responses such as "You haven't fill up your name!", "What? Your name is a "."?", "Don't try to fool around with me!" and etc.

Now, is it a good choice to name your children with symbols?


Judy said...

Hahaha, what in the name?

I always tell my kids, I wanted to name my son Marmaduke and my daughter Marmalade and they said I am so silly. :)

Dancing Queen said...

"@" - how to say it ah, "at" or "alias"?

The parents must have run out of ideas liao! :)

Elizabeth said...

ya i wanted to ask the same question as dancing queen.. if you name your child '.', how do you call him or her? period? dot? full stop? its even harder than calling ah leng, or ah meng or something. heheh..

eastcoastlife said...

I wanted to call my son Rambo. My hubby stopped me. Pronounced in full, he would be Rambo Tan. Rambutan. hehehe....

I have meet a family of customers called Atom, Neutron, Hydrogen.... their father is a University lecturer. A family of science nuts. hahaha...

Then there are the childhood friends named after animals, Ah Ter (pig), Ah Kow (dog), Ah Gu (cow), and Baby.... etc. No kidding. These names appear on their Identity Cards! geez....

Sasha said...

can still change yr name to O_o if you want!

cc said...

I want to change my name to ... :P

Kok said...

Aunty Judy: Marmaduke and Marmalade? haha! Manyak the creative lah you!:P

dancing queen: It's up to you oh. You can call it "at" or "alias". Look at this.

While the "@" simple is familiar to Chinese e-mail users, they often use the English word "at" to sound it out -- which with a drawn out "T" sounds something like "ai ta", or "love him", to Mandarin speakers.

That's how they wanna call their baby. :P

elizabeth: You can call him/her "dot dot" or... "full stop". haha!

eastcoastlife: Rambutan! hahaha! You can also try Nelson. Cause Nelson Tan!:P

Wahlao! So weird! Atom, Neutron and Hydrogen? hahaha! Luckily I'm not named that. If not, I faint. haha!

You serious? That Ah Kao, Ah Miao, Ah Gu, Ah Wat all appear in Identity Card? Got mehhh??? hahahaha! That's one funny one. :P

sasha: Means my name become 0_o Law? Hmm...I'll consider it. Hahaha!

cc: Welcome back, CC!:)

...? That's too long lah. Not shiok. :P

Sue Sue said...

Hihihihi... this is so funny. u know at first I want to name my litte girl Jun cos she is born in the month of June. Then something come across my mind if I have another girl I will name it either April or May. Then my hubby got to know and 'taruk' me like nobody business for naming his girl Jun Wei. End up now Le-Ann.

My son much more funny I want Ivan. But if you translate to Chinese is called 'Ai Vern' wah lagi cannot end up become Ee-Thern and pronounced as Ethan.

Dancing Queen said...

I was just wondering - if you had named your daughter Jun, what if you have another daughter later also born in June? Then how? :D

Bengbeng said...

I know a lady named radoi and every one calls her radio so she never uses her real name said...

It took me months, and yet can't come up with anything

Kenny Mah said...

Hahaha... naming the kid "." or "dot" --- imagine the subsequent offspring... your grandkid might be called ".." i.e. "dot dot" and the great-grandkid "..." or "dot dot dot"... LOL

Kok said...

sue: Wah, you and your hubby can really think of lots of name eh? Somemore, need to think about the translation into mandarin. haha! Ethan and Le-Ann sounds good!:) By the way, Le-Ann's name has a "-" in her name. Is it allowed in birth cert? Just curious. hehe.

dancing queen: Haha! That's true hor? Maybe Sue will call her...June2? haha!

bengbeng: Welcome to my blog! Hope you enjoy the stay here. :)

Radoi? It's still alright lah. My name, Kok, people called it Cock. Ahem. :P

yenjai: Took you months? No need gua. Call Yenjai Junior lah. haha!

Kenny: I think the next few generations would be called "dot non stop". :)

alice said...

@= attomaku. Hope kids don't call their parents "papaya and mamaya."

keeyit said...


I think name is important for a person. For me, i will name my kids with a nice name.. hehe..

@ ??... haha... simple in some ways and complicated in other ways.. haha

Kok said...

Aunty Alice: Attomaku? Wah, that sounds good! haha!

Papaya and mamaya? Like that also can?! haha! Aunty, you're creative lah. :)

keeyit: Thanks for dropping by. Hope you enjoy your stay here. :)

Uh? Any name in mind for your future kids?

Yaya, @? Hmm... It might look simple... but... seriously, I think it's complicated. haha!

Sue Sue said...

Ok wor for the " - " in her birth cert.No body query me when we apply her cert.

Dancing Queen,
Hahaha, if I have another one in June then it will called JunJun lor.LOL

eastcoastlife said...

Really!! 30 yrs ago, the kids were named after animals and as their parents were uneducated, the Malay clerks at the Registration of birth just registered whatever names they were given lor.

Lucky my grandpa was an educated man, he gave names not only to his kids but his grandkids too. :)

Kok said...

sue: Oh, that's a new thing I learn today. I always thought symbols are not allowed which include "-". I think next time I shall change my name to "Kok-----------------Wei". hahaha!

eastcoastlife: Wahlao! Heng I was born later ah. If not, my name will be Ah Kow instead of Ah Kok now. hahaha!

Eiks...then, what's your wise name ah? :P

Shionge said...

Never crosses my mind at all Kok but why can't pple go back to the basic really ;)

wmw said...

Have it written "*" @ "!"...when calling child's name under normal circumstances, call Star. When angry can raise voice and call whatever you want (cause it will end with exclamation mark ..heheh).

Tummythoz said...

Amazed at the names you and your readers can come up with! Canggih sekali. The teachers sure headache.

Kok said...

shionge: They actually think too basic that the "@" makes it complicated. :P

wmw: hahaha! Wmw, you can name your children that way. Easier to call. :P

Kok said...

You haven't came out with a name leh. kekeke. Not only teachers lah, if all your bloggers have name like that, I also headache. :P

Kenny Mah said...

"Dot non stop"? Wah, what else can we do non-stop... LOL

Chen said...

hahahha.. this is hilarious :D
using symbols as name..
imaging calling other as &^%$

eastcoastlife said...

I'm called hoon (Cloud). Romantic ah. hehehe......

joy said...

Hi Kok,

Certain names are actually funny or offensive in other countries, so before I name my child, I will do extensive research to make sure they don't get picked on by their friends!

The Goddess In You
Norwich Daily Photo

Kok said...

kenny: Hmm... What do you think we can do non-stop? Eat? haha!

chen: yea! haha! Imagine people calling $!@#$ for a name. hahaha!

eastcoastlife: Aiks? Hoon I thought is "smoke" in Hokkien? Cloud meh? kekeke.

joy: I agree with you. That's why I've lots of nickname. But I don't care. As long as you can remember me, just call me whatever you wish. :P

jane said...

reminds me of some comic strip, siblings with the name of Dot and Ditto! gee.. are ppl running out of ideas, or trying too hard to be different?!?!?!

Kok said...

Got such comic strips meh?

I think they just wanna be special. Nothing else. haha!

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