Sunday, August 05, 2007

Adelaide Day 5 (Last Day)

1st July 2007
I woke up quite early on that day because I knew that's my last day in Adelaide. Not much time left for some of the places which I had not visited.

I asked my sis whether we should have our breakfast somewhere in the city. She declined and suggested that we go to Port Adelaide to look for food.

Little Mermaid and Popeye The Sailorman?

Off we went, Port Adelaide. Once we reached there, we stopped by the visitors centre for my sis to grab the bus timetable. And not to forget, to take some photos. ;)

What am I doing?

After that, we went straight to the tourist spot; Port Adelaide Lighthouse. My sis took a photo of me and it seems like I was blown by the wind or maybe I was practising my Taichi?

Port Adelaide Lighthouse.

To climb up the lighthouse, you'll need to pay a dollar as admission fee. I think it's quite reasonable. I asked my sis to follow me up but she didn't want as she had been up there before.

View from the top of lighthouse.

This lighthouse is so much smaller than the Cape Leewin Lighthouse in Margaret River, Perth. Nevertheless, I was quite satisfied for the beautiful scenery I could enjoy from the top of the lighthouse.

Port Adelaide.

As you can see from the photo, Port Adelaide is not big at all. Unlike Fremantle, Perth, where you can spend one whole day there, here, you'll only need 3 hours to explore the whole place.

Mobile food stalls.

My stomach was complaining after climbing up and down the lighthouse. We didn't have much choice but to settle our breakfast at some mobile food stalls next to the lighthouse.

Gourmet Traveller.

We went around with nothing that attracted us. We stopped by at this Gourmet Traveller and decided to get our food there.

Beef Bun?

I couldn't remember what I bought. It's pieces of beef and slices of lettuce in a bun. My sis and I shared just one of that. Thanks God we didn't order another one as it was not tasty at all. The beef was leather-liked!

Inside the market.



After filling our stomach, we took some time to went around the market (also next to the lighthouse). It's something like the Sunday Market and seriously, nothing to shout about.

Time was running out for us. It was already about 1p.m. My sis planned to take me to Glenelg Beach. However, I was quite worried if we could make it back to city on time or not as we were going to have a dinner with Melissa, Oliver, Sharon and Danny at 6p.m. Moreover, Danny and I had to catch a bus to Melbourne at 8p.m.

My sis rest assured me that we still have time. So, I called up Danny and asked him whether he want to tag along. Yes, was the answer.

Toot toot train...

Adelaide has the most long straight roads!

We went back to Victoria Square to meet up with Danny and Sharon. There, we caught a train to Glenelg Beach. Notice the word "Glenelg"? You spell it backwards, you'll still get the same word. Interesting huh? ;)


Bright sun.

About 40 minutes train ride led us to the beach. We were quite lucky to find a nice weather there. Before that, it was cloudy and about to rain.

Hungry birds!

Kok with the birds.

We saw an aunty feeding the birds. We grabbed the opportunity to take a couple of photos with the birds. Australia's birds are always hungry, I wonder why.

Don't know what's that building.

Tanjung Lobang, Miri has similar bridge like this!

Wonderful beach.

Whheeee Wiittt! Pretty girls!

Cutie puppies dedicated to Jane.

Too bad we didn't bring along our swimming wears. If not, I'll just change and jump into the sea! Anyway, I don't think I would have the time to swim there though. :P

Glenelg Town.

Without wasting anymore time, we agreed to just roam around the Glenelg Town. Oh yea, Danny and Sharon had not had their lunch yet. When you're hungry, what do you look for?

Oyster Shop.

Food lah, of course! We searched for something delicious and were attracted by this Oyster Shop.

Just a small shop lot.

They are the "Finalist Adelaide's Best Fish and Chips"!

Fresh oysters.

They even have their "Oysters Direct From Our Farm".

Pepper Squids and Fried Oysters.

Danny ordered this Fried Oysters and Pepper Squids which were recommended in their menu. I didn't order anything since I wasn't that hungry at that time. I tried both the squids and the oysters. Shaking my head, I commented, "Small servings, expensive and definitely, not tasty". Enough said.

Andersen's Ice Cream.

Disappointed with the squids and oysters, we decided not to try anymore food. Instead, we wanted dessert.


Yes, ice cream! We went to Andersen's Ice Cream to give it a try. I shared a cone of don't-know-berry-ice-cream with my sis. Although that was not the best ice-cream I've ever had, I felt satisfy as the food I had earlier were bad.

Read the words in yellow.

Rush, rush and rush! We had to hop into the bus after we finished our ice-creams. Before I left, I managed to spot this, "The Original Hahndorf Smallgoods Made Here". That means, the Kranski sausage I had was not from German village itself? Not German sausage lah? Haiyo, kena tipu liao (being cheated already)!

Anyway, my sister and I separated from Sharon and Danny later on in the city.

Nice piece of art!

On the way to my sis' place, we saw these people drawing on the wall. I don't think it's just simply spray and paint. You'll need to be good in art to draw this, I guess.

I started to pack once I stepped into my sis' room. A bit of mixed feeling though. Happy because I got to go to Melbourne soon. Sad because I had to leave my sis and the small city, Adelaide.

Finished with my packing, I took a photo with my sis. The photo is with her by the way because she used her camera and I haven't got it from her. :P

Then, we took my bags and went to meet with the rest at B.B.Q. City Restaurant.

B.B.Q. City Restaurant again...

Yes, I had my lunch at this restaurant on Adelaide Day 2. Adelaide doesn't really have much nice restaurant to dine-in eh? When I asked, everyone recommended the same places. Haha!

Beef with Black Bean Sauce Rice.

Roasted Pork and Roasted Duck Rice.

Althogether 7 of us were having our dinner there; Danny, Sharon, Melissa, Oliver, Marina (Melissa's sis), my sis and I. My sis opted for the beef whereas I chose the pork and duck. I can't remember what others had though. Bad memory, I know. :P

The service in the restaurant was bad that night! I've never seen that kind of service before in any restaurants in Australia. It indirectly spoilt our appetites!

After a quick dinner (our table was booked by someone else and we had to leave at 7p.m.), we left the restaurant for the bus station.

5 high school friends reunion.

Kok and sis, look alike?

Kok and best college buddy, Oliver.

While waiting for our bus, we managed to take some photos for memories. It was nice to catch up with Sharon, Oliver and Melissa. And not to forget, my sis too! Here, I would like to sincerely thanks everyone for taking Danny and I around the city of Adelaide. For me, I really enjoyed that trip. It's much more like a gathering rather than a trip. I had so much fun. Thanks sis, Sharon, Oliver and Melissa! I've no idea when will I have such a trip again. I hope, it'll be soon.

At about 8:30p.m., Danny and I boarded on the bus after exchanging hugs and bidding goodbye to everyone. Again, thank you everyone for your company. You all have made this trip a wonderful one for me! :)

Greyhound bus to Melbourne.

Goodbye Adelaide and welcome Melbourne!

Stay tuned for my Melbourne Day 1!

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Judy said...

First one here....yippeee! *wink wink*

At least the food is not good enough to make me drool. After reading all your Adelaide posts, I don't have to go to Adelaide anymore. :)

Can't wait for your Melbourne post/s.

SomebodyHasToBe said...

that building you mentioned is actually some kind of marine museum in glenelg.

wonda said...

You got sore throat, still no rest from blogging ah? U go rest young man! What I meant by visiting Adelaide with scrolling down your post is that I got a lot of info. and pictures from you. Well done! Clap! Clap!

Kok said...

Aunty Judy: You're waiting for this, aren't you?:P

Adelaide nothing one lah. Oh, I did miss out one place; Kangaroo Island.

I'll probably need more time for Melbourne posts! Another 4 more days of Melbourne. haha!

lee: Maritime Museum you mean?

Aunty Alice: Got! Rest liao then come back blogging mah. hehehe. Ohh, I got more posts coming. Melbourne posts. Then you can go two states of Australia through cyberworld liao. haha! Thank you!:)

jane said...

Wah, food and food and food and DOG! nice! hardly see doggies like that in m'sia.. thanks!! surely got lots of nicer doggies there compared to here. take lots of pics for me ok!!! :D

joy said...

Gosh. You've been busy!


Norwich Daily Photo

wmw said...

Finished exam, really go around huh???

Kok said...

jane: haha! Sometimes, hard to take a photo of the doggy leh. Imagine the owner takes the doggy for a walk, then you say, "STOP STOPPP!! Uncle/Aunty, can I take a photo of your doggy?" hahahaha!

joy: Going to be more busy soon! hehe.

wmw: Now, have to look forward for exam again. Cham lah!:P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha you havent got a true good foodie guide mah..i would have recommended you my friend..but hes gone back to hk anywayz.. its good ur sista doesnt know how all the nice places..means shes not over spending..u would be worried if she took u to those places i take u.. said...

A nice 5 days ^-^
I marvel at your skill in writing the travel bits

Jackson said...

wow...what a wonderful journey u have there!!!! so u r the mermaid or u r the sailor man in the picture? haha

Muminmiri said...

I would also say I won't go Adelaide for the food!!

eastcoastlife said...

Like Aunty Suan Suan, I don't have to go Adelaide anymore too! hehehe... Thanks for the review, the place sure sounds boring. And there is not much choice of food. :P

looking forward to Melbourne post, although I have been there a few times. :)

xiu long bao said...

wat??? u took bus to melbourne??? SALUTE!

Sasha said...

wah lau...Judy so free wan?

Anyway u make me miss adelaide so so so much!

Kok said...

joe: True also lah. My sis only eat cheap food, so, she won't go and taste all the expensive and nice food. :P

Eh, you should intro me your friend lah. Then I can makan better food and intro more people to visit Adelaide mah. Now, everyone doesn't wanna visit Adelaide liao. hahaha!

yenjai: Thank you! I hope you didn't fall asleep while reading all that. Melbourne trip coming soon!

jackson: Ya! I miss the trip already. haha! Me? I'm the Lion King wor. :P

mum in miri: Smart choice. Come to Perth! Cuti-cuti, Austraaaaliaaa!!!

eastcoastlife: Adelaide is for people who wanna get away from busy life. Then, it's a good choice. If not, boring place. hehe.

Aiyo, you've been there for few times liao ah? I better don't post lah. Some more hoh, Aunty Judy said she'll cry when she see my post. Cause she miss Melbourne a lot. How how?

xiu long bao: Aiyo, 8 hours of bus only mah. I ever tried 20 hours of bus. From Miri to Kuching. hahahaha!

sasha: Aunty Judy now having her holidays mah. Everyday goyang kaki now. :P

But Adelaide not fun leh. You should write out some post about your life in Adelaide lah.

Shionge said...

Hey good food, good sight-seeing and good companion and most importantly, sis on board too :D

Thank you for sharing your Adelaide trip...a very nice day too :D

eastcoastlife said...

Why don't post? I protest! Melbourne is so big, I haven't been to all of it! Aunty Suan Suan also waiting for Melbourne post. She so free these days, give her something to read lah. hehehe.... we so bad hor.

lynnx01 said...

Adelaide may seem quiet, but I think it is an interesting place, nevertheless.. less distraction, more focus. It is good to see Sharon in the photos. HEhehe..

Oh for the love of food! said...

Hi Kok, Nice to see you and your sis are so close, it's wonderful to be able to catch up with family and good friends, huh?

promoteyourblogforfree said...

nice blog

Kok said...

shionge: Good food? Nolah, the food was pretty bad. hehe. Oklah, average lah. Not until so bad. :P

Not a problem. Melbourne trip coming up soon. :)

eastcoastlife: Wahhh! No need to protest. I blog, I blog. haha!

Haha! Yaloh, she's enjoying her relaxing life now lah. True, I should write more and let her read more. hahaha!

lynnx: True, but sometimes, human do need entertainment. When the place is too boring, also not good. hehe.

Sharon? Of course you can see her. Cause she always wanted me to take photos of her! hahaha!

ohfortheloveoffood: Hi Carol! Yea, It's always nice to catch up with family and friends. I wish I can do that again soon! :)

promoteyourblogforfree: Thank you! Enjoy yourself here!:)

Kopi Soh said...

Drop by just to say "Hi" still not back yet but kinda missing all my old kakis. I never been to Australia before, must go one day looks beautiful.

Kok said...

We also miss you a lot! Hope you'll come back soon! :)

Come and visit Australia if you have the chance. I'm quite sure you won't regret it. ;)

Sue Sue said...

How is Adelaide? Thinking to make a trip there to visit a factory. My principal is the biggest pasta manufacture in Adelaide.

Kok said...

sue sue,
For me, Adelaide is quite small as compared to Perth and Melbourne. Not much places to visit though. If you want a quiet holidays, away from the busy city you're staying, then probably Adelaide is the best choice.

Wow! Biggest pasta manufacture in Adelaide? What's the name?

Sue Sue said...


San Remo lor. They told me they are the biggest pasta manucfature there.

Kok said...

Oh, that brand! Yea, I think it's one of the biggest pasta manufacture here. But go to Adelaide to visit factory ah? hehe.

Sue Sue said...

Off course not going to visit factory leh. Say visit factory but go there with other objectives. lol
Anyway I hope I can convince my principal to send me a free trip there since for 5 years I grow their business in M'sia.

Kok said...

You cheeky cheeky eh? hahaha! Wow 5 years already? I think your boss is willing to give a free ticket for you lah. Loyal employee. :P

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