Sunday, September 28, 2008

Searching Myself...

These days, I suddenly feel like I've lost myself. I don't know what happened but it just doesn't seem like me. 

Below are the testomials which my friends had written for me in Friendster. The testimonials are best to describe me, the ol' Kok...

Adrian wrote...

woooh.. hengtai! haha.. my best buddy 
for as long as i can remember.. 
everytime go to school without taking 
his bath and his hair stands up like 
his lil bird! pengawas of the year in 
sec school for chasing too much girls! 
hehe.. no la no la.. he's one of the 
best jokers ive ever known in my life 
and a true friend indeed. crack jokes 
and insults and sarcasms as if they 
were fired out for a hundred round per 
minute ammo! has an iron head and can 
tanduk a football from one old trafford 
to anfield! always try to crack me with 
his head.. been in the same 
freakin'boring class with him my whole 
life and he had made life in all the 
first classes wonderful where we would 
never fail to get some teachers 
irritated and burning. haha.. always 
try to pia speak lakia with me! ok la.. 
don't know what else to write you 
mothafakka.. take care and good luck!!! 
see you buddy! God bless!

Melissa wrote...

Kok Wei here is the loudest guy in my 
class last time..never once in a day will 
u not hear his voice...coupled with 
Danny's laugh..wahlao..noisy.=P.this 
guy here..dun look at his short stature, 
he can be scary one man...can easily 
pek yao if he wants lar..jk 
nia..kok wei's a great guy, good friend 
and everlasting entertainment 
system..u'll always hear him sing 
Chinese songs..if it's not jay chou, it's 
some other chinese singer lar..he 
aspires to be a singer..he even held his 
own concert back in miri then (NOT) anywayz..this guy here 
looks out for his frenz...good to kacau 
coz he wont get mad 
easily...hehehe....bottom line is this guy 
here is a great friend to have either for 
fun or entertainment or jus for 
anything..he'll be there to lend a helping 
hand. anywayz..take care kok! dun be 
too noisy till danny kick u out of his 
house..hehehe =P

Chee Yin wrote...

hi hi! i noe this guy since f1
but not tat close lo till f2 or f3. 
f2 i think cos we r in the same group in 
sci. he is a funny guy owes make ppl laugh 
one. still remember in f5 he is our singing 
star in class his favourite song is about 
dog one u noe which one rite? :) then change 
to qing fei de yi. really light up the 
atmosphere in class lo. i think tats all 
i can say about u. so lastly keep in touch 
n all the best to u in ur future.

Sharon wrote...

hey da ge! thanx for ur testimonial bout 
me being blur..hahah! well, yeah made 
me think bout e sweet memories during 
sec school! one thing which i'll never 
forget is u and danny..laughing away 
loudly..hahahahah! u r indeed a funny 
fren and oso a fren who wrote long 
msgs in autographs! really appreciate 
it..anyway, glad that we still keep in 
touch tho it's like after 1 year 
already..hope our frenship will last..and 
yep..continue to keep in touch! all e 
best k!

Hui Jiun wrote...

hey,kok wei!known him n have been in 
the same class with him since primary 
4..he is really a funny guy..the class 
would not be fun without him..always 
makes people laugh especially when he 
sings..hey,u have the talents in singing,y 
don u try to take part in the singing 
competition?haha..n don forget to invite 
me to your concert next time,k?he's also 
very good at playing table tennis n 
badminton..oh yeah,we're not only in the 
same group in sc class but also in eng 
class when we're in form5,still 
remember?glad to have him as my 
friend..wish u all the best n take care!

Jonathan wrote...

Do not know why he puts this monkey 
photo there as his primary pic.. but after 
think of a few moments.. i can finally 
see the resemblance.. muahahah... Kok 
Wei is a hardworking ass... he works so 
much that u will feel afraid if u are 
studying beside him... so i never did.. :P 
Very friendly and cheerful everytime... 
RESPECT for u man... haha... Like to 
hang out with him coz his an asian that 
likes my stupid jokes.. hahaha... since 
the daY we met in the physics lab life 
was never the same.. well.. good luck in 
everything u do man.. JIA YOU!

Nathan wrote...

hey man, thanks for the testi, hehehe..we 
are super busy nowaday, but still i have a 
lot of stuff to say about you, to complain!!! 
hehehe~ wah, the 1st thing i am amazed, your
soccer skill..i could never tell that you can 
turn so much and have a nice finishing skill. 
i think you are still the leader of our top 
scorer among us(but later i will catch up for 
sure;), wait for that) ahhaha, anyway, its cool 
to have such a good teammate tho~ ok here comes 
the complain part, STOP TOUCHING ME, 
hahaha jkjk, because i was the one who started 
it and it became a fashion, cant stop-_- but 
sometimes seriously i doubt the gayness among 
all our friend, hope none of us have the potential:)
anyway, thanks for kept singing "one thousand 
reasons to be sad", made me obsessed with it, 
joined the competition and broke my voice-_- 
lose face~ok i think i better stop here gonna
do cons energy lab:D take care man~

Oliver wrote...

here's my testi for ya:
oi bloody come suddenly so sensitive
one this fella!!!...if there's only one word to 
describe this colourful character it would 
be best friend (guess who's jealous?...De..s.;p)....
this guy has been my bud for as long as i can 
remember and to all the girls this is ur original
Brad Pitt, i mean when u look at him what's not
to like?...neways on a serious note this guy is 
one friend i wouldn't want to loose's
to ya mate!!!...

Seriously, I want to find the good ol' Kok back especially the humourous side of him! All of you would like to see him back again right? I promise I'll try my very best. :)

P/s: Maybe some of you would like to write something about me. No matter it's good or bad comments, I accept both! I would treat good comments as compliment and bad comments as something which I would look forward to improve. So, feel free to do so! :)


wmw said...

You started this topic ah...not me! Hahahaha....If humourous, then see things on the lighter side? So, if you say you are searching for the ol' you, you have lost your hummour? Catch you later...

Tummythoz said...

Aiya, whatever you do or don't do you are still you. Young boy, if lost something find-lor. You've got youth, health and good friends.

Kok said...

wmw: This time I started lah. hahaha! Not everything we can see on the lighter side leh. And yes, I really lost my sense of humour liao. :(

tummythoz: So easy to find ah? No "Lost and Found" section leh. :P Still got youth? Old liao loh. :D

The Horny Bitch said...

It's always nice to have people saying good things abt u. =)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

why so lost? i suppose dig dwn deep inside you to find that humour in you lor..and yeah, friends plays a big part..

Sasha said...

kok when u find yrslf, find me too k?

Dalicia said... have friendsters? :) i'll add you...lets just see what you'll write about me...haahha

Kok said...

thb: Yes, I agree with you. :)

joe: Haih, I also don't know leh...

sasha: Now cannot find you ah?

dalicia: Hah? Not you write bout me? :P

EastCoastLife said...

oi... you look so kwai kwai but so mischievous in school ah!

Kok said...

Don't judge a book by its cover? hehe.

I did write a bout my school life and confess I'm mischievous mah. You don't believe at first till you read my friends' testimonial?:D

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