Sunday, September 21, 2008

Loud Music = Attraction?

Just now, when I was walking into a well known shopping centre in Miri, I was welcomed with a very loud music. I guess it could be heard few streets away.

As I walked nearer to the entrance, I saw Digi (a mobile phone operator) was trying to promote their products. I was thinking, how to do sales in this kind of environment. It was so noisy! I mean, it's ok lah if you turn on some light music so that it won't be that quiet. However, the music was so loud that I'm pretty sure the customers could hardly hear anything from the promoter.

Conversation For Two
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Please loh! This is not the right way to attract customers. In fact, with this loud music, you can drive your customers away. The most important in sales is being able to close a deal. You might attract some customers to you. However, when the customers couldn't even hear what you are explaining, do you expect them to buy anything from you?

So, maybe they have to come out with better ideas to attract more customers. Remember, closing a deal is more important rather than just attracting customers.


ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

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cc said...

Some people think loud music = cool. I think they are all inconsiderable idiots who'll soon be deafen by their own doings.

Christy said...

YEAH!! (*slaps hi-5)
Loud is not everything, sometimes a little thought from the brain will help:p

kok said...

ibnu: Are you trying to get free advertisement here? ;)

cc: That's right. I don't understand why they need to turn on the music that loud. Maybe like you said, cool?

christy: I guess, loud is the only thing that came out from their mind. :P

Chen said...

I ditto with u
To me, loud music = damn annoying & irritating

Kok said...

Music can be good, but not too loud.

wmw said...

Uhh...I only play loud music when i'm driving alone in my car!

But then you want me to make more noise here, can ah? Okay, here's another round...


Kok said...

That's alright lah. I also turn my ipod volume to almost the max...

Can can! Make more noise!!!:)

QuaChee said...

agree. loud music will surely drive me away!

Kok said...

Welcome here! :)

It's quite irritating eh? Loud music....

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

my DEAR friend,

do u think this article is RACIST?

if YES, plz do not hesitate 2 make a police report NOW 2 d nearest station!

so our country will b in HARMONY, 4ever...


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