Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Be Strong, My Friend...

The clouds covered the clear sky,
The speedy wind started to blow,
I had a feeling, a strong feeling,
That I must send a text to you.

I was shocked, at the same time sad,
When you broke the news to me,
That the closest person in your life,
Have left you for a better place.

I know it's tough for you to let go,
For she's the one who cooked and fed you,
For she's the one who taught and guided you,
For she's the one for who you are today.

She's just going to a better place,
A place where there's no pain,
A place where there's Angels,
A place where He's there.

Though she has left you physically,
She's still watching you invisibly,
As you're forever her daughter,
The fact that can never be changed.

Fill your eyes with tears if you want to,
That's the best medicine you can ask for,
But do always remember,
Be strong, my friend...


wonda said...

Your friend will be touched by this beautiful poem you wrote.

mott said...

This is very sweet, kok.

May ur friend's mom(?) rest in peace.

EastCoastLife said...

That's a beautiful poem. My condolences to your friend.

Tagged! I have a meme for you!

I want to see what you, an intelligent guy and son have in your bag or wallet. hehe...

Kok said...

Aunty Alice: Beautiful poem? Don't know leh. It just poured out from my heart...

mott: I don't know what else can I do...

You're right... A friend's mom. Thanks on behalf on my friend.

ecl: Thanks on behalf of my friend.

I'm tagged?!?! Duhhh! I wanna hope over to your blog now!

And and! I'm not intelligent lah pllllleaaaseeee! I'm stupid! haha!

sho said...

a v poignant poem from your heart indeed!

Kok said...

Hi Sho,
Thanks for dropping by here. :)

Yes, indeed, this poem is from the bottom of my heart...

ilene said...

KOK, thank you so very much for your kind thoughts. I can't help but cried when reading this beautiful poem and I have printed it for safe-keeping.

You are indeed one of the dear friends whom I've met in blogosphere who have touched me in one way or another.

Letting mum go was a very difficult thing to do. Day after day my eyes are filled with tears. I don't think I'll be able to forget this episode in my life. You see, eventhough it's been 14 years since my dad passed away but memories of our times together still flashes very clearly in my mind and to-date I still get emotional when festive seasons like Christmas and Chinese New Year arrive. With mum's passing it's going to be even more difficult as I'm with her all the time during her visits to the hospital and not forgetting I recently took time off from work to care for her.

I have to be strong coz that's what my mum had many a times been telling me to be. You know Kok, my mum is so strong willed. I have broken down so many times in front of the doctors but not mum. She is such a strong person even the doctors had to ask her to teach me how to be like her.

Mum and I went through difficult paths together in her journey to battle this illness of her. Maybe I will someday blog about mum's passing.

Don't worry about me, I WILL be strong for mum's sake and also for my daughter, Lena. With caring friends like you, Judy, Alice, WMW and Vern's mum, just to name a few, I WILL definitely get through this. You all have been very kind and thoughful and I thank you all so very very much.

Anonymous said...

A very touching poem for a friend who truly needs to know that there are people out there like you who cares.

For this friend, I give her all the hugs I could possibly give if I was next to her.

Thank God for friends like you.

Aunty Judy

ilene said...

Hey KOK, tumpang lalu sikit eh...Wanna chat with your Aunty Judy.

Judy my friend, thanks for all your hugs and kisses and prayers and comforting words. Yes, it's time like this with friends like you and Kok and everyone else in blogosphere that really help me through each difficult lonely days.

Also, thanks to blogging-it has kept me busy and an eye opener.

Kok, thank you very much for texting to me every now and then. I'm alright not to worry.

Looking forward to brighter days ahead!

Kok said...

You're, too, one of the dear friends whom I'm glad that I've met you in this blogosphere. :)

I'm more than happy to see you're strong to go through this difficult time. Afterall, that's the reason why I'm writing this poem for you.

You're the most welcome, Ilene. I hope you don't find the text annoying though.

Let's look forward for those brighter days!:)

Kok said...

Aunty Judy,
Thanks for dropping by!:)

Anonymous said...

No need to thank me for dropping by. You paid me to drop by mah? Kekeke.

ilene said...

Hey KOK, you 'paid' someone to drop in?!!! tish! tish! tish!

I'm one of those who loves reading text messages on my mobile and loves receiving them especially when there are people around! Lidat can show off that I'm very busy person mah! Then hor, sometimes they see me so busy with the texting, they'll just say ...ok lah, bye bye ... don't want to keep you since you're so buy ....."! See, comes in handy!

Kok said...

Aunty Judy: Since when I pay you to come??? I only send you invitation to come only lehhh!:P

Ilene: Aunty Judy forced me to pay her wor... She wants a poor unemployed to pay her...:(

Wah! One stone kills two birds eh? First you can show off to your friends. Second you can tell them not to disturb you. haha! Next time you can also set your phone alarm. Then it'll seem like you're busy picking up the phone. :P

ilene said...

KOK, wah....soooooo.....clever you! Thanks for the idea!

Aunty Judy so bad wan hor...make an unemployed pay!! tish! tish! tish! Never mind can slap her on msn like how she would always slap me wan when I'm slow!

Kok said...

Clever? Ok oklah, but don't learn too much from me. Not good... hahaha!

Yaloh! Now you know she's bad eh? haha! I can't slap her leh. Have to respect her mah. Somemore, seldom can catch her on MSN these days lah. hehehe.

comprar yate said...

I totally match with everything you've written.

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