Friday, September 05, 2008

Caring Or Annoying?


Sometimes, when I'm trying to care for a person, I don't know what will the person think. Am I caring or annoying?

Take for example, when I know that person is feeling down, I take my initiative to send a text to him/her to ask whether he/she is alright or not. However, he/she didn't reply.


When I haven't contacted a person for a long time, I send him/her a message in MSN. First time, he/she doesn't reply me. The second time, the third time, (after couple of days) he/she still doesn't reply me.

Do you think I am caring or annoying?


cc said...

Sometimes, there maybe some things that's going through in peoples' might that they don't want others to know about. So many reasons. Don't read too much into it. When we give, the best is try no to expect anything in return. No reply doesn't mean they don't care, they may just be going through a phase or perhaps something has happened in their life. When we care, it should be a good thing, not a burden.
Don't think too much into things, you won't be happy if you do.
Take care!

^SpRInG^ said...

i believe if you care with your heart, it really doesn't matter what other ppl think, including the one ur caring for. sometimes, it's just because of the particular situation that they're in, that perhaps made them not to reply you... but what is important is ur sincerity ;) ppl can feel it

Kok said...

cc: It's not actually all about whether they care or not care. I understand that they might not be able to reply due to certain circumstances. However, will they feel annoyed just because I send them a "caring" message?

I agree with you that we shouldn't think too much into things, else, we won't be happy. At the same time, we also don't want the other party to get annoyed by us. That's why I'm just seeking opinion on this matter. :)

spring: If we care but the other party think we're just a nuisance, should we still care? I totally agree with you the most important is our sincerity towards our friends. :)

wonda said...

Sometimes people are too absorbed in their problem to notice that others care. Sometimes people want to be left alone. I think one or two sms will do.

kok said...

Aunty Alice,
You're absolutely right, I guess. Does that mean for you, the bottom line is the most 2 sms and then you'll get annoyed? Actually, if I didn't get a reply after one sms, I won't be bother for the second one. :)

JunJun-Riko said...

haha... sometimes ppl just don feel like talking i guess. i've ignored my fren's msn n sms b4. and the best way to make that person (me) feel bad bout ignoring ur msg, try again after a few days. and if stil no reply, leave that person alone. coz somehow i think that if he/she don wanna reply, means they don wanna reply. XD
ok.. lame comment.. XD

Kok said...

When people keep messaging you, did you feel that person is annoying?

I guess you're right. Sometime, people just want to be alone and have their very own time. That's why they tend to "ignore" the sms and msn.

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!:)

EastCoastLife said...

I sent you several messages in Facebook you also didn't reply. So, was I annoying?

Kok said...

I deactivated my Facebook lah. I didn't get any of your message.

And no, I don't find that annoying. I'll find it as caring. :)

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