Sunday, December 31, 2006

Gathering With Ex-Columbans

Couple of days ago, Danny invited me and some other friends to his house for dinner.

Living room & dining place.

He moved into a new place this year. That is the first time I went to his house.


That's just part of his house. What I can tell you here is that his house is not that small. Some describe his house as castle. ;)

Dinner cooked by Danny's mum.

Danny's mum cooked us a superb dinner. I bet everyone carries a full stomach that day. At least, I did. :)

Before dinner started...

8 ex-Columbans were having dinner together.

What are you doing, Zhung?

We chit-chatted while we were having our dinner. But few of them (only Sharon actually) was busy eating only. Haha! Sharon will sure give me a scold when she sees this.

Baba & Nyonya.

It took us forever to finish our dinner. After dinner, we were given a tour around the house.

Group photo.

From left front clock wise: Melissa, Sing Huih, Sharon, Adeline, Zhungyi, Kok, Zhi Dek and Danny.

Girly love.

We were, then, brought back by Danny to the living room. There, we continue our chit-chatting session and some funny activities.

Stuff Danny with those cushions!

Everyone was trying to bully Danny that night.

Danny was exhausted by the attack.

Hitting, throwing and stuffing him with pillows. Maybe he's the host, that's why he had to 'entertain' us.

Initially, Charlie's Angel but in the end they became, Funny Angel.

There are actually 20 photo shots in the making of Funny Angel. These 3 girls kept on discussing on how to pose for a photo and there were never ending laughters thoughout.

Everyone was tired after all the laughter.

Girls' group photo.

The gathering came to an end after several hours. It was indeed a very enjoyable and fun gathering although I was hit numerous times by the girls. Another unforgetable memories given by my fellow friends. Thanks, guys!

When's our next gathering, guys?


Anonymous said...

so niccceeeee!!!!!!!!!!! eeeyyyeeerrrr.... aku pun nak!!!! :( dont care already, next year i WILL go back during my christmas break... i waaaannnnntttttt.........

p.s. u have some more photos?

Kok said...

hahaha! Come back lah!:P Don't worry. Sure have chance!:)

Photos ah? Ermmm..I think still got a bit more. Not much though.

sharon said...

i a bit lagging la. now baru see this post...will kill u soon..hahaha!!!!!! announce to the whole world im a pig!? haha

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