Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fat Cat Fast Food Corner

Fat Cat Fast Food Corner is newly located at the top floor of Bintang Plaza, Miri. Previously, it is located at the same floor as the Cineplex but now, that place is under renovation for some other purposes.

Fat Cat Fast Food Corner.

It is actually one of the stalls of the food court. It operates from morning till night. It offers various dishes for fast food but there are other menu which you can order.

"Mani Chai" with egg.

I went there with my family for lunch. My mama picked this "mani chai" from the fast food corner. "Mani chai" is a local vegetable which I haven't had for months. Normally my mama will fry it with egg and ikan bilis.

Mixed vegetables.

My baba ordered this mixed vegetables. Nothing to boast about this dish. Brocolli, I have it at least one day every week in Perth.

Clay Pot Pork Ribs.

I ordered this Clay Pot Pork Ribs. Pork ribs cooked in thick soy sauce soup, is my favourite dish at Fat Cat Fast Food Corner. Try order this when you visit Fat Cat Fast Food Corner and I'm very sure you will like it.

Fat Cat Fast Food Corner is a place to offer great food which values for money. It is highly recommended by me.

P/s: Another dish which I would like to recommend is the Vietnamese Beef (beef fried in special sweet and sour sauce).

11 comments: said...

I bet the Chinese food is better than in Perth?

Kok said...

Hmm...Not really actually. For example dimsum in Perth is better than in Miri because the Hongkies are making it. That's why..more yummy!:)

michellewwc said...

eyy.. accidentally found out tat yenjai is here too. haha!

Chinese food overall in Msia is nicer as in Perth, the recipes have been altered to fit the local's taste. But as like Kok Wei said, Dim Sum is nicer in another way. said...

michelle, what a shock to see you here!

Kok said...

Wuuu...Reunion here ah? haha!

Not only the dim sum is nice, their chinese BBQ pork, char siew and their roasted duck are so much nicer than those in Miri. I think it's because the chef is from Hong Kong. Yummy~!

lynnx01 said...

I thought the top floor is the cineplex floor? Or do you mean the archery floor?

Kok said...

Yea, the archery floor. The most top floor now :)

l y n n w e i said...

wa lau!! so nice!!! yummy!!!!!

it wasnt open when i was back there during my summer break! haha~

Kok said...

haha! I eat till sien already for these past 3 days...not nice for me already! haha

Dancing Queen said...

Hey, we eat at Fat Cat almost once every week. His food is good and the prices are very reasonable.

We were there just last Sunday after CNY and he even gave angpow to my kids! And not small amount OK! He charged us only RM30 for a family of 6 that day, so after all the angpow, we actually ate for free!

Once he bought local oranges all the way to hubby's workplace just because we ate it at his stall and liked it. He's a very generous guy!

My No. 3 loves his mani cai too! And his salad chicken. We eat so much of it now we're getting sick of it. Might try what you recommended. :-)

Kok said...

dancing queen,
This guy has been cooking for almost 10+ years already. He was once at Pelita Tunku (if you know this place). Wah, you are a loyal fan of his food eh? haha! Actually his food is not bad. Just that, a bit oily sometimes. What do you think?

RM30 for 6! That must be super cheap loh! Haha! He charged us for RM20+ for a family of 4 most of the time. How come I never get angpao from him before? Unfair unfair! I'll go up to him next year and ask him, "Uncle, where's my angpao?" haha!

Wow! He actually knows your hubby is it? He also knows my baba, but how come no oranges for him? haha!

Try the two dishes I recommended. Clay Pot Pork Ribs and also Vietnamese Beef. I'm sure you will like it. :)

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