Sunday, December 17, 2006

Smoking, Newest Trend?

Since I came back to Miri, I have consumed more second hand smoke then ever. Everywhere I go, there are at least a person holding a cigarette.

Newest trend.

From my friends to my fellow colleagues, they smoke non-stop. One after another cigarette, I, a non-smoker, almost faint because of the smell.

Will baby smoke few years later?

Does smoking really make you look cool? Is it the newest trend among the Miri-ans here?

Cute doggy smokes to look cool?

Not only men smoke nowadays, but women also started to pick up this unhealthy habit.

Love smoking? Please don't!

I'm not against those who smoke. I also have friends who smoke. I just want to let everyone know that smoking is not good for you. It risks your personal health. Besides that, those around you are also greatly affected. Love yourself, love those who are around you but please don't love smoking. If you are a smoker, I strongly suggest you to stop. If you know anyone who smoke, please advise them to stop.

For more information on smoking affects your health, click HERE!


Anonymous said...

I am with you on this all the way. I thought the newest trend for 2007 is fitness. Good for you for not smoking!! said...

If only everyone can be rationale when come to smoking...

Jane said...

here women are heavier smokers than men. they find smoking "yao yeng".. haha.

Kok said...

firehorse: Fitness indeed is the newest trend. But then, fitness first smoking later = unhealthy. No? hehe.

yenjai: Yea, IF ONLY....:P

jane: yao yeng meh? I don't think so leh. What do you think?

Sasha said...

Welcome to my blog! Yeah, i'm against smoking also. Smoking can make men "mati pucuk" hahaha anyway, we can't stop ppl from we stay away from them lor. Cos 3nd hand smoke ppl die faster than the smoker!

Kok said...

Welcome to my blog too!:P How you stay away from them? Smoke can "fly" leh. haha!

ubi said...

i feel so pening and headache to be a 2nd hand smoker. sigh! especially when in the Genting casino.. -.-"

Anonymous said...

Kopi soh drop by from Fatty Poh's Kopi Tiam just to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Kok said...

ubi: Huh? I thought you are BAMBOO? haha! Genting casino can smoke? I thought you can't smoke in casino?

firehorse: Kopi Soh! Wish you have a "Ho Ho Ho" Xmas and a Happy 2007!:)

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