Saturday, December 23, 2006

Lunch With Baba

I should have post this earlier but I slept quite early last few days and no time for me to post this. Apologise for that.

The other day, I had lunch with my Baba (dad) at one of the stalls opposite Open Market, Miri.

Lots of food stalls there.

There's a name for this place but often, I tend to forget it. I just know how to get there, eat and leave. :P

Kho's Food Stall.

Out of so many food stalls, we have chosen Kho's Food Stall for our lunch that day. Actually, it is one of our favourites place for lunch.

Combination of roast pork, barbeque pork (char siew) and meat roll.

Other choice include roasted duck, roasted chicken and etc. All these, although are not as good as those in Perth, are so much cheaper.

Vege Soup.

The soup doesn't look good in the photo. It is not attractive too. But I can assure you that, it's definitely delicious! The soup is HOT enough to make you sweat.

Kangkung With Belacan.

There are other varieties of vege which can be ordered too. Kangkung with Belacan for my dad that afternoon. One word, YUMMMYYY YUMMMYYY....

How much altogether? Only RM13 (with two plates of steamed rice). Cheap, right? If I was to order the same food in Perth, definitely it would cost me more than that.

Kho's Food Stall gets 4 stars out of 5 from me.:)

P/s: Try the noodle stall at the "food court".

P/s/s: Try the fresh sugar cane drink there. Cheap and refreshing!


Anonymous said...

Now I am hungry. :p
Next time post Caution: Those on diet do not scroll down. He He said...

Haha. I think you order in Perth, it will cost more than RM60

Kok said...

firehorse: Alamak! I forgot to put it ah? Sorry sorry, I'll put it next time. haha!

yenjai: RM60 ah? hmm..yea yea, roughly bout there o...:P

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