Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Christmas

These few days, I haven't stopped eating. Eat and eat and eat! So, again, I'll write about food.

Christmas eve, my Baba was craving for seafood restaurant. I have no idea why. Whenever he drove pass a seafood restaurant, he would say, " Let's eat here". Hmm...

He then decided our Christmas eve's dinner to be at Tanjong Seafood Restaurant (I think that's the name of the restaurant since as you all know, I only know how to go to a place and eat :P).

I'll start off with the empty plates and let you all guess what dishes my Baba ordered.

Guess, guess, guess!

It's tough to guess from the empty plates, eh? Let me tell you the answers.

Black Pepper Crabs.

My Baba ordered Crabs with Eggs but ended up, Black Pepper Crabs. My Baba was so kind to just accept it.

Venison with Spring Onions and Ginger.

This is one of the common dishes which my Baba would usually ordered.

Hong Kong "Chai Xin".

How can we have a dinner without a plate of green vegie? The waitress recommended this but then, I can't figure out what's the difference between the local "chai xin" and the Hong Kong "chai xin". According to my Mama, it's just more expensive at which, I strongly agree with her.

Our Steam Pork Ribs with Plum Sauce did not show on the table. The pigs are still in the farm that day They forgot to serve us that dish as the business were too good that day.

That's for Christmas eve. As for Christmas, I had lunch with my family again + my Gong Gong.

Hainanese Chicken Rice with Three Layer Pork.

I had this Hainanese Chicken Rice with Three Layer Pork. The shop is opposite Imperial Mall. Sorry lah, I don't know what's the name of the shop again...

I can see your saliva is dripping!

Surprisingly, it tastes so good! The chicken is tender and fully cooked (without the yucky blood). The Three Layer Pork is just nice as it is not too salty. 4 out of 5 stars from me. :)

At night, I had dinner with my family + relatives. I'm sorry I was too shy to take photos of the food in front of my relatives although Bamboo taught me a technique on how to take photos of food in front of relatives. ;)

However, I have two cuties to show here.

Little cousin accompanied by Piyo Piyo the duckie.

She's 4 years old and she uses Kodomo Lion.

Another little cousin of mine.

It's quite tough to take a photo of her. After I asked her to take a photo, she'll count "1, 2" (yeah, she only know how to count one and two but not three) and then, I must snap a photo of her. If not, she'll run away!

Cute, right? :P

That's my 2006 Christmas. A simple yet wonderful Christmas. :)


Anonymous said...

Cute pics, your nieces ah?
What do you mean dunno the name of the shop where you eat the Hainanese chicken lice? Fatty Poh's Kopi Tiam mah lidat oso forgot. I make three layer pork nice nice for you, some more can forget name of my shop wan. How can?

Kok said...

Bukan, bukan. Itu dua budak cute, gua punya cousin lah. haha! Haiya, lupa aku lah. Aku memang mahu cakap Fatty Poh Kopi Tiam's Hainanese chicken rice lah. Tapi tak tahu apa hal aku lupa. Mungkin ini Fatty Poh tidak bagi discount lah. Lain kali, bagi discount, bagi chicken manyak, barulah aku ingat! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Kopi wan free, food wan discoun, chicken wan banyak banyak, lidat I bangkrupt lah. But for you okaylah, for your famili, your ba ba and your kong kong oso can lah.

Kok said...

Kopi I wan "KAO". haha! Wah wah! Thankiuuuuu Fatty Poh!

Anonymous said...

with sooger or not?

Anonymous said...

Came to see if "Kok has eaten enough"

Kok said...

With sugar and milk pls! :P Me haven't eaten enough lah. I'll post another food post later! haha.

Anonymous said...

Drop by to wish you Happy New Year and may you and your family have lots of good luck and happiness in 2007. Where food post, hungry liao lah, ask people to come then got no food yet, this chicken rice chow swee (basi) ady lah. So many day I come back eat same thing dat's why got stomach ache.

Kok said...

Happy New Year to you too! :) Updated liao! hehe.

Anonymous said...

hrms.. nv tried the chicken rice at this shop before.. but i know one of the shops next to krokop's market serves vy nice chicken rice.. hehe, danny brought me there before(and he ate so much! *scary*)

Kok said...

Oh, I know that shop too. Actually got lots of place sells nice chicken rice lah. I know I know. He eats a lot! He told me he eat at least 2 plates of chicken rice once. haha!

Anonymous said...

You like Tanjong Seafood? The one and only time we went there, we were very disappointed. The fish was so small probably enough for 2 when there were 3 adults and 3 children. And the service was so slow it took forever for the food to come. And the bill was rocket high. We vowed never ever to eat there again!

But you want good seafood? Go to Ocean Restaurant or Seaworld! I know Ocean is abit pricey but food is good and service also good. Seaworld is worth eating cos the price is reasonable. 1 kg of crab only RM15! Try it!:-)

Kok said...

dancing queen: Ermmm... I don't really like Tanjung Seafood lah. Just that, once in a while, my dad will suggest to go there...

Where's Ocean Restaurant ah? And is Seaworld somewhere near Imperial Mall there? Chinese is called "Hai Ba Wang" right?

Dancing Queen said...

Ocean Restaurant is after the Esplanade. Very nice and fast. A bit pricey but good food and good service, I don't mind paying abit more.

Kok said...

dancing queen,
I heard that the price of the food is really scare for Ocean Restaurant leh. I'll try to check it out one day when i get back. I hope I got enough cash to pay for the meal. :P

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