Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Was Conned!

This morning I had my breakfast with my colleagues like usual. Yes, everyday we have our breakfast at a nearby coffeeshop. As usual, some random topic will come out during our makan (eating) session.

Today, one of my colleagues brought up the topic about how RM1 million is a lot and can live for quite a long time. That was the initial topic... then it went on and on till it was about how many people who was millionaire but lost it overnight due to business commitment.

They discussed about this because a lot of people in the company normally earn quite a lot. After they retired, they would use the money to invest into business. Since they didn't have much experience in business, most lost quite a lot and in the end, they had to forget about retirement and went back to work.

Wah! Interesting topic eh?

After makan, I drove them back to the office. While on the way, one of my colleague, who was already retired (he work now based on contract), suddenly said, "In my whole life, I became millionaire twice but I lost it overnight too..."

My first thought was, "Hey! He must be rich! But how come he lost it overnight? Business?"

I bet the other two colleagues of mine thought so too as they let out a big "WOAH! Really?"

Then this colleague continued, "First time was when I went to Rome and the second time was when I went to Indonesia."

I thought that he must have been cheated or lost in gambling...

Who knows, he seriously told us, "The currency for Rome that time was Lira and the currency for Indonesia is Rupiah! Of course I'm a millionaire lah! The currency was so much smaller! Then I spent everything mah, that's why I lost it overnight!"

Haha! All of us suddenly burst out laughing!

Actually, I laughed because I thought I am stupid! I should have thought of that; we'll be millionaire if we have RM1000!

I think no matter how smart we are, the situation might influence our thinking. So, when we read in the newspaper that a lot of people were conned, we shouldn't think they're stupid. If we were in their shoes, I think, we'll fall into the trap too!

What do you think? ;)

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wmw said...

Hehehe....I also thought your colleague was a "real" millionaire till I finished reading the story. I was also conned!

miche said...

my mom always say all clever people sure got something stupid about them! i always kena! actually we not stupid...just blur blur at ;)

Tummythoz said...

It's only a joke? Phew. Thot u lost money or got hurt. *Brought own tissue to wipe anxiety sweat*

Hazel said...

haha, human is always like that

gina said...

eh.. how come register is in wordpress wan??

Yeah yeah.. if go India also can be millionaire. I also been to Bali before and I brought along 2 million with me. HAHAHHAHAH!!

Siem Reap and Cambodia too, in riel! Haha!

Kok said...

wmw: Next time be more careful!:D

miche: Yaloh, I guess we just blur blur at times. It all depends on the situation which make us "believe" into something which is not true. hehehe.

tummythoz: haha! If I lost money or got hurt, what would you do ah? Donate me $ ah? kekeke.

hazel: Very true! hehe.

gina: I also don't know why it's wordpress. I think it's not really a "real wordpress account". Cause when I try to use my another wordpress username and password, I can't login. Just register one account and vote for me ok? Thank you! And don't forget to comment, cause you might win yourself a cash prize by random!:)

Wah! You're also a millionaire once!!! hahaha! I wonder when can I be a millionaire hor? hehehe.

LadyJava said...

hahha. like that I've a millionaire lots of time!!

Btw.. I voted already.. but can only vote once mah.. Good luck to us both :)

Dav DiDi said...

Let me register next week..time to go home now.. the way, that joke is very funny indeed!!

mott said...

Heheheh... imagine carrying all that money around! u'd need a suitcase..not a wallet! heheheheh

Dora said...

Yeah this is exactly the thing we make fun of when we exchange money to Thai Baht!

Lynnwei said... easy u kena conned? but it was a nice joke! =p

ok! will vote for u!

Lynnwei said...

aiyak, i dont know how to vote, but i registered and wrote a comment..does that count? aha..

EastCoastLife said...

Hah? Kok got so easy kena conned one meh?

But I was guessing that,he lost his million in gambling or got conned by girl, before reading the end of your story.

Kok said...

LJ: You're so rich! I don't even own a million once. kekeke.

Thanks again! Good luck to you too!:)

DD: Thanks a lot! hehe.

mott: Haha! I never thought of that also. If I'm billionaire like that, I think I'll need a lorry to carry all the $. hahaha!

dora: How to bring around with that much of $ ah?

lynnwei: Aiyo, suddenly didn't think of that mah. haha!

Thanks a lot. You just need to click on the stars after the description to get me voted. :)

ECL: Yaloh, what to do? Never thought that he was joking mah since he's quite serious at times. hehe.

See? You also get conned! hahah!

QuaChee said...

lol. go to korea. and keep their won too! haha!

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