Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Kim Fah Restaurant

This restaurant I am going to write now is a restaurant where I had two meals there. It must be good, you might be thinking. However, you have to read the following in order to judge it yourself whether this restaurant is good or not.

Kim Fah Restaurant.

Kim Fah Restaurant is the restaurant I was referring to. It's located at Penampang somewhere near Beverly Hills Apartments. The reason I had two meals there is because my yee yee (mama's sis) was staying at that area and she was mentioning the food there is not bad.

Chai Xin with Pork.

My first meal there was for dinner during my first night in Sabah. First dish was chai xin with sliced pork. It's nothing to boast about except for the pork. The pork was real tender. I like! I heard there's some "secret" in this pork. People in Sabah called these pork "sheng rou" (生肉).

Salad Chicken.

My yee yee saw that the Salad Chicken looks not bad from her last visit. That's the reason for the second dish; Salad Chicken.

To me, it's just normal Salad Chicken. It would be better if they used some drumstick meat instead of all breast meat. It was a tad too dry for the meat.

Claypot To Fu with Pork.

Another common dish here. My yee yee told me that she should have ordered Claypot To Fu with Seafood instead as the Chai Xin was already cooked with pork already.

Nevertheless, I had no complain because I like the pork! :P

The total damage for that night? I have no idea because my yee yee foot the bill. Actually all the food I had in Sabah was proudly sponsored by my yee yee! Thanks Ah Foon Yee Yee! :)

Fried Kueh Tiaw with Beef and Black Beans.

Another morning, we had our breakfast at the same restaurant because my yee yee was too lazy to think of what to eat! Haha! Basically she had to cramp her head on the places to eat every night before she went to bed.

She ordered herself a serve of fried kueh tiaw with beef and black beans.

Look at this yummy slice of beef!

The kueh tiaw in Sabah is more towards the thinner type, unlike Miri's kueh tiaw. It's just like kueh chap. This plate of kueh tiaw taste quite nice with enough "wok hei". Too bad my yee yee commented the kueh tiaw was not that fresh.

Fried Kueh Tiaw in Egg Sauce.

I, on the other hand, tried their fried kueh tiaw in egg sauce ("Wat Dan Hor" in Cantonese).

Thinner kueh tiaw.

I must say this Wat Dan Hor is awesome. This is due to the fact that, I love my Wat Dan Hor with lots of sauce! That's the whole point, right? If not, why did I order fried kueh tiaw in sauce? Moreover, they fried it with loads of "sheng rou"! Yummy! While I am typing this, I have to hold my saliva from wetting my keyboard. Hehe.

I would say this restaurant is not the best but definitely not the worst. Out of 5 stars, I would give it 2.5. :)


cc said...

Yummy yummy yummilicious!!! :D

wmw said...

You are a sheng rou man! :o)

Sasha said...

wah wah the kueh tiew looks nice wor.

The Horny Bitch said...

Looks very different from those in S'pore but definately worth a try bah..

mott said...


HOW CAN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Kok said...

cc: Have a trip to KK!:)

wmw: There's this Sheng Rou Mien! I'll blog bout it soon. :D

sasha: Nice? Come Miri! I think Miri has some nice kueh tiaw also. :)

thb: Miri, Sarawak also has some delicious dishes. Come Miri and I'll be the tour guide!

mott: Haha! Melbourne also has some Malaysian food what. I remember having Nasi Lemak in Melbourne. :P

The Horny Bitch said...

Not don want to watch with u la.. Will you do up a post and come to Singapore just to meet and catch a movie with me???

Kok said...

I don't think nuffnang would allow a Malaysian to do this post cause I think it only allows Singaporean. Nevertheless, if I drop by Singapore, I can meet up with you hor? :)

Shionge said...

Still good to go there for some craving ya :D

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