Friday, February 13, 2009

Eoe Online Is Fast, I Was Slow...

Some of you might not know that my Po Po (maternal grandmother) has passed away during New Year's eve. That's one of the reasons that I didn't update my blog till now. I just couldn't accept the fact that I've lost both my Gong Gong (paternal grandfather) and my Po Po (maternal grandmother) within just about one year time. I just don't know what to write...

One thing I regret most is that, I didn't manage to show my graduation photos to my Po Po before she left. Remember eoe online which I've mentioned it before? If you can't remember (since I haven't updated my blog for long), this is the post - Photos Printed At Fingertips.

After ordering my photos, I waited them for about a week. Unfortunately, there wasn't any parcels directed to me. So, I sent an email to the person in charge to enquire about this. Samantha Siah from the eoe Online Team is one very helpful staff I have to say. Normally, some staff would just tell you that they've sent the product to you and ask you to call the courier company to check. However, Samantha worked professionally by checking the date of delivery and then, also checked with the courier company about this. She even asked the courier company to contact me! Not only that, she responded very quickly to my email. Two thumbs up for her great service!

Skynet Courier.

The courier company did call me and told me that they were unable to send the parcel to me as I was not at home. They didn't call me although my mobile phone's number was clearly written on the envelope. Ok, never mind. At least, they kept the parcel and sent it to me.

Cardboard wrapper.

After I unwrapped the parcel, there's another cardboard wrapping the photos. I'm not sure if they used this Kodak Premium Matte Paper for the photos or not but they're very thoughtful to make sure the photos were not folded or spoilt during the delivery.

Two albums.

There were two beautifully designed albums in the wrapper. All the photos were stored in the albums. Nowadays, most of the photo shops in Miri don't help the customers to store the photos inside the albums anymore as it requires some time to do this extra work. However, eoe online still does this! I mean, all this little extra work will reflect how good service a company could offer their customers.


As far as most people are concerned, the photos quality is great. The photos are printed on some high quality papers with a smooth finishing. The colour of the photos is almost the same as shown in my monitor. For only RM0.30 per 4R print (current promotion), I think it's all worth the money!

Overall, I'm satisfied with their customer service and their photo quality. For those who just want to sit at home, "send" their photos to be printed and have their photos delivered to their door step, eoe online is the company they should look for.

Eoe online is fast at printing and sending the photos, but I was just too slow to show my Po Po my graduation photos...

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