Friday, December 12, 2008

Photos Printed At Fingertips!

It has been almost 5 years since my first digital photo and I've tons of photos sitting in my hardisk and also external hardisk. However, non of them are printed out until now! The reason for not printing it out? Too much of a hassle and of course, too expensive lah!

The photos which I would really want to print out would be these...

In front of Winthrop Hall at The University of Western Australia.

Finally graduated...

Why? Because I want to give a few to my grandpa and grandma. Even my sis has already printed out her graduation's photos and gave them to my grandpa and grandma, it's a shame for me that I haven't done so.

Since I mentioned that getting the photos printed are a little bit troublesome and expensive, what could I do? Print it using my printer? Definitely NO!

I've found a really great deal from eoe online. At promotion price now, I can get a piece of 4R photo for RM0.30 and a piece of 5R photo for RM0.50! Not only that, for orders of RM35 and above, you can have your photos delivered to your doorsteps for FREE!

That's not the end, I can save a lot of hassle! Hey, I don't need to drive, park my car, go to the printing shop, order my photos, wait for them to be printed and drive back home. Worse when some shop would tell me to collect the photos after few hours or a day or two. See how much time and money (petrol) I would waste to get the photos printed?

With eoe online, everything is at my fingertips. It's very simple to get my photos printed with just three simple steps:

After that, I can just sit back and wait for the photos to be delivered. How fast and easy right? ;)

What about the photo quality you might ask... That, I'll write another review on that after I've received my photos.

Stay tuned!:)


Sweet Jasmine said...

Wow! so easy...if the quality is good than its worth it. Will look out for yr next review.

Chen said...

will wait for your review regarding the photo quality :)

LadyJava said...

Wah.. awesome.. like that I also want lah.. :)

Dalicia said...

nice smart..cute..haha professor kok? :D

hmmm thank you for sharing the link.
i told u, u could have the whole cake :D

Kok said...

sweetjasmine: Easy hor? No need to go to a shop just to print photos. I'll write a review on that once my photos arrived!:D

chen: I think it's good for people like you who take a lot of photo. It's just so simple.

I'll get the review done when the photos arrived. :)

LadyJava: Just do it!:P

dalicia: Professor Kok? No way lah! I don't wanna become a professor. haha!

But why isn't the cake here?:(

Monica said...

very nice pictures! tell us the photo quality ya ;-)

Hazel said...

oh, its good hah..i also seldom print out photo coz expensive ohh

Shionge said... handsome there Kok :D

EastCoastLife said...

Wow! Nice photos to show your grandparents and later to your grandkids! :)

EastCoastLife said...

I haven't been printing photos for ages. Should choose one nice one for my lorry head. hehe....

Mariuca said...

Hi Kok! I am so lazy too when it comes to sending my digi pics for printing, I think I;ve only done that once ever since my first digicam lol! Thanks for the link. :):):)

EastCoastLife said...

Haven't receive your photos ah?

Kok said...

monica: Thanks! I'll let you know the photo quality. :)

hazel: It's simple. The photo quality ah? Still don't know yet. Wait for my review ah. :)

shionge: Thanks!:)

ECL: Grandparents, yes but grandkids? I don't even have a kid now leh! hahaa!

Choiiii! What lah lorry head! But the one you're using now is good. LOL

Haven't received yet leh. Maybe tomorrow or Friday.

Oh yea, I just came back from outstation (Johor), so didn't manage to update anything yet. Somemore, I'm dead sick now!:(

mariuca: You should print it out! Now it's that simple you see? Click click click! Hehehe. By the way, they have a promotion which I'll blog bout it soon.

aussieahchee said...

saw yr graduation pics. U look good. Good knowledge too in regards to yr photos printing procedure. Interesting to hear yr review re photo quality.

Kok said...

Thanks a lot! :)

The photos ah? I've yet to receive it leh. But I'll sure write a post regarding the photo quality ok?:)

+ z e | i n g © said...

i can't wait to grad oso! so u found a job, congrats! whr r u working now?

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