Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Moment With My (Football) Kakiis

I first started playing football when I was in my primary school. I think it was during my Physical Education period. From then on, I always have my football kakiis (buddies) no matter where I go.

I still remember in my primary school, my football kakiis would get a tennis ball and kick around during recess time in substitute with a football. We would normally get an earful in the class after recess because we smell real bad in our soaking, wet, sweaty uniform! However, it didn't stop us from playing everyday.

That time, my football kakiis even joined the school football club. Although we didn't manage to represent the school, we still spent hours under the hot scorching sun at least two days a week to practice. That shows our enthusiasm in that sports.

In my secondary school, I was not quite active in football due to other commitment. The only time I played football was during our Physical Education period. Nevertheless, I still have my football kakiis to play the sports. That was not really a group of serious football kakiis I would say because most of the time, we would just fool around instead of playing football. Shouting, teasing, laughing was what we do for that whole period.

When I moved on to my college, again, I found myself some football kakiis. Don't play play, this group was one serious group of football kakiis. They played with full football gears, with formation and with awesome techniques. No doubt, they were way too good for my kampung level.

I thought I won't find anymore football kakiis in my uni. Who knows, there was still a group of friends who simply loves this sports. Hence, one day each week, we would gather the football kakiis in our group of friends to kick that black and white patches ball.

You all sure won't believe. I learnt most of the higher level skills in football from these football kakiis of mine in the uni. What did I learn? Beckham fantastic free kick? Rudd Van Nisterooy amazing finish? Thierry Henry wicked shot?

Oh, no no no. Those are just too simple in football. The higher level skills that I learnt are these...

The UWA'S football kakiis @ James Oval 2005.

Brian's block balls.
Jono's pinch ball.
Nathan's hold ball.
Yoong and Jason's "siam" (avoid) ball.
Henry's kiss ball.
Danny's dragon ball.

and Kok already knows how to CATCH BALLS! Hahahaha!

I have lots of wonderful moments with my football kakiis but too bad, I didn't have a camera back then to capture all those moments. The above is one of the best I had with my (football) kakiis which I managed to take a photo of.

Seriously I miss my football kakiis a lot! When can we have another match, guys?

P/s: This is another contest organised by which offers digital cameras' prizes. By the way, I didn't win the previous contest. :(


LadyJava said...


LadyJava said...

hehehe... old kakiis are the best I tell you.. I miss my CNC club girls.. and although we try to meet up when I'm back in SG.. something always get in the way!!

PS: CNC short of Chicken Noodle!

Che-Cheh said...

Funny pict.
I have a 'futsal' kakis for a moment. It was damn fun.

Sweet Jasmine said...

Hey! trying to be funny with BALLS? Hope you have better luck this time....

btw, my son H loves football in school back in his small hometown but lost all his kakiis here in college. Guess cityboys do not fancy chasing the ball.

Dav DiDi said...

Hahhaa .. so funny la you ... i have different sports from primary till uni ...

Primary - volleyball
Secondary - Hokkey
Uni - sitting in front of computer :( playing games
Now - sitting in front of computer blogging..


EastCoastLife said...

I'm a widow whenever it comes to Football season. I hate football!!! grrrr.....
*kick football far far away*

EastCoastLife said...

*Come back kick Kok*
*Kok too heavy cannot be kicked far far away*


Kok said...

LadyJava: You're the first! Don't worry, my blog is not popular so nobody will want to be the first to comment. hehe.

Huh? How come Chicken Noodle Club? You all love the Chicken flavour Maggie mee?

Make one time and get together lah. A short one would do I guess. hehe.

che-cheh: You play futsal??? I wanna play with you! kekeke!

sweetjasmine: Yaya, play until I have nothing else to play. So, play balls lah. haha!

Thanks a lot!:)

Really? But some of my kakiis are from big cities leh. They still love football. Your son now still play football? I would love to play with him if I have the chance and he has the kakiis.

DD: Hope you enjoy the BALLS photo!:P

Eh, you played hockey? I did play hockey in my primary school. I represented school somemore leh. haha! I played a lot of sports actually.

Sitting in front of the comp is considered a sports meh? kakakaka. Maybe you should consider jogging or swimming. Those are great sports. :)

ECL: Your son and hubby also love football ah? hahaha! Makan bola, minum bola, tidur bola mah. :P

*Phew* Lucky you only kick Kok. If you kick Kok's balls...that'll be REAL bad!:P

By the way, how you know I'm getting heavier now???:(

cibol said...

i play footie too during my time in Miri. un-used subs most of the time .. ha ha ha .. I quit, couldn't make the cut

Kok said...

Plsy for the sake of fun mah. Now you play what sports then?

Hazel said...

wow, look so much fun..after u get marry, lagi tak dapat main oh....:(

Sasha said...

i same same with ECL.. i donch like football

TINTIN said...

Hello, r u? I don't play football but i do love to watch soccer tho''~

EastCoastLife said...

You eat, sleep, sit, sh*t.... how not to get fat? hehe....

Kok said...

hazel: Fun hor? hehe. Marry? Alamak, I don't think that far leh. Haven't even had a girlfriend mah. :P

sasha: Cause Big C also dumps you whenever there's any football match?:P

tintin: I'm good here! Just a lil busy! hehe. Wah! You like to watch football? Any particular team you like?

ecl: Don't tell me you don't eat, sleep, sit, sh*t hor? hahaha!

I'm really fat already lah. Cham!:(

Chen said...

I didn't know u play football leh :)

Hahaha, i didn't know u actually can substitute football with tennis ball :P

aussieahchee said...

Looks like U are having a ball of a time with your friends. Friends are a treasure in life.


Kok said...

chen: See me fat fat like that, never thought I can play football eh? hahaha!

I think using a smaller ball hor, you can train to kick more accurate. :P

aussieahchee: Yaya, I really enjoy my time with them. Probably playing football is something for to forget all about the stress. :)

lynnx01 said...


But certainly a healthy interest to take part in. Those guy classmates of mine usually go Pusat Belia to play.

EastCoastLife said...

Still playing football!?

I eat little, sleep little, cannot sit still, sh*t 3 times a week.... how to get fat? hahaha.....

Kok said...

lynnx: Last time, Pusat Belia is also our most frequent place! haha!

ECL: Still busy playing lah. kakaka!

Wah! ECL sh*t 3 times a week only!!! How unhealthy! hahaha

mott said...

HAHAHAh..this is funny! New kicks!

Kok said...

You better don't learn any of that skill ok? hahaha!

little prince's mummy said...

Very great pose in the photo.. hehe~

Extreme Power said...

only football meh? badminton kakis have?

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